The Madness

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I have been thinking. More accurately, I have been thinking about thinking. It seems to me that past victims (abusees as opposed to abusers) are compelled to think. 102 more words

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The Failure Spectrum

I confess: I lose my way. Feelings of bondage and its compatriot, despair, set in. An overwhelming sense of loss – of what could have been – bringing sadness and anger. 367 more words

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Prepare for 'The Madness'

Every Spring like some sort of dark magic, people get weird. The season and the change of light and temperature that it brings with it, open our coats and our minds to the possibilities before us. 200 more words

Another Broken Piece

I have been so busy lately there has been little time to think about anything except exactly what is going on at any given time; this leaves me no time to ponder.  1,163 more words

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He Returns

Have you ever wanted to get away from someone? But, you could not. Desperate, trapped, your insides in a knot, with no relief, you continue to push through every long day. 182 more words

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The Perfect Hiding Place

It was the perfect hiding place. There, behind my grandmother’s climbing rose bushes, I could look out onto the world without being seen. The space between the trellises for the climbing roses and the garage wall was just big enough for me to crawl into. 212 more words

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