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Book review: Saving the Market from Capitalism, by Massimo Amato and Luca Fantacci

Despite its liquid nature the fiscal system is set in its ways – and it needs to change, say Italian economists Massimo Amato and Luca Fantacci, who address some problems buoyed by liquidity. 7 more words

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The Market, the Mind, and Knowledge

The power of the market, economic spontaneous order, the use of the mind leading to innovation, and the expansion of scientific knowledge – all lead to a freer and more prosperous society (coupled with the appropriate first principles and rule of law, of course).These two videos are a must watch, and probably the best intro to economics you can receive in about ten minutes. 6 more words

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Sippin, Singin, Whoa, Beachin

About a week after Miss SC, my girl, Leah Lawson, asked me to join her on a trip to Myrtle Beach for her American Idol audition. 582 more words

ReaLync Product Demo

ReaLync Product Demo
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The Market

Leaked: The letter that Ho Ching received from a Nigerian lawyer.

A copy of a letter sent to Temasek Holdings urging them to invest in Nigerian energy company Six Energy has fallen into my hands.  I share it with you.  1,299 more words

The Market

What is the Point of Our Government?

I read the news today that Rebecca Loh, the woman who pushed her disabled nine-year-old son out of a window, would plead guilty to culpable homicide not amounting to murder. 1,694 more words

The Market

Wu and the art of ghetto revolution, pt. 2.2

I told you last time around that this post would look at Georges Sorel’s idea of faith, and its connection with some of the ideas expressed or implicit in the… 575 more words

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