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Interfering Busybody

Rushing across the apron of the airfield to meet the Group Captain as he hurriedly made his way back to the HMA Deedworthy, Commander Felson felt out of breath. 618 more words


The base at Akrotiri was huge, with just about every facility you could think of being available to the British community there.

“Welcome your Royal Highnesses, to our little home from home” said the Air Vice Marshal, to the Mogul and Princess Jasmina as they stepped from the gondola of the HMA Deedworthy. 725 more words

Movie Mix-Ups (There’s a surprise inside)

To wrap up my week of movie posts, I’m going to share some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ordered from Netflix, accidentally on purpose. Yes, that phrase takes on an actual meaning when applied to my method of selecting movies. 1,037 more words



The fleet slowly began to break up, as one by one the British dirigibles left the base at Jerusalem and headed off on other duties. Finally seven airships remained and their departure was coordinated and overseen by the Air Vice Marshal, who’s own dirigible the HMA Relentless was one of the seven. 548 more words


Cigar smoke and laughter filled the air, whiskeys had been exchanged for a rather nice brandy that the Mogul had given to the Group Captain. The Air Vice Marshal sat on the leather easy chair opposite the Group Captain and puffed away on his cigar happily, his tunic unfastened and his foot tapping rhythmically in harmony to a tune from a marching band playing on the gramophone. 562 more words

Flying Visit

A high pitched droning noise growing ever closer betrayed the arrival of a small sprinter class dirigible to the base at Jerusalem. Many of the airmen working on the ground looked up as the airship skilfully threaded its way between the fleet of larger airships already moored up. 778 more words

SIB Breaking the Case

Captain Mortimer and Warrant Officer Deacon arrived at the back entrance to the backstreet mechanic shop as the note prescribed. Under cover of the night-time hour, they moved along trying not to draw attention to themselves. 561 more words