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The Master of Manipulation

A brief discussion of Paul Thomas Anderson’s last film and the power of manipulation, written immediately after viewing in theaters on September 26, 2012

I may be jumping the gun with this theory because I’m an atheist with intense views against religion, but I think PTA was speaking largely to what religion essentially boils down to: manipulation. 468 more words

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Doctor Who

TARDIS Coordinates: May 12, 1996

About a year and a half before the Doctor Who movie hit screens, I mentioned its production to my brother-in-law. At the time, what little I knew about it was a confused hash of uncomfirmed rumors between what little I could glean from the few issues of Doctor Who Magazine I could find and what passed for the Internet at the time. 1,120 more words

The Master

The Master (2012)

Toilet Review: Definitely not about Scientology. No sir-ee. Definitely not.

After Phillip Seymour Hoffman died in February this year, all the blogs I follow, all the news articles I read about him, praised him as an actor and cited “The Master” as one of his greatest movies. 245 more words


Channel Surfing: The Strain

Week 3 of the new FX show ‘The Strain’ has come and gone – and I’m ready for week 4 now.

The writers continue to outdo themselves in this series, and there are several compelling lot angles to follow: 490 more words

J.T. Riles


Well, faithful viewer…here we are. We knew this day would come, but for some reason, I’m having trouble believing it’s actually here at last. For almost a year, we’ve watched the Fourth Doctor’s adventures through time and space, and here we are…his final story. 1,037 more words


🐺Happy Release Day, Belinda Boring - "Darkness Unleashed" is LIVE!🐺

 Title:  Darkness Unleashed (#6, The Mystic Wolves)

Author:  Belinda Boring

Release date:  July 27, 2014

Nothing is as it seems.
Alliances will be forged and broken. 449 more words

Paranormal Romance

Season 8 Of Doctor Who! Full Length Trailer!

Every Whovian knows that in August 23rd on a Saturday, the first episode of Doctor Who Season 8 will be airing,starring Peter Capaldi who is the new Doctor. 393 more words