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The Master-Discussion

The Master- Discussion

I was pleasantly surprised by this film, many times over. I had heard all the raving reviews, but after There Will Be Blood, I was not sure Paul Thomas Anderson could do any better. 916 more words


‘Constantine’: The Spectre of Guilt

John Constantine is no stranger to being haunted by the ghosts from his past, so New Orleans is in good hands as the master of the dark arts rolls into town with Zed and Chas (who has returned from another one of his episodic disappearing acts) to investigate a series of deaths caused by restless spirits. 636 more words


Doctor Who: Death in Heaven

I know, this is way late. Life, ya know. So by this time, the season finale is ground well-covered, so I won’t drone on too long about it. 428 more words


The great thing about this show, faithful viewer, is that it requires a certain amount of intellectual curiosity to be truly enjoyable. Until I watched this episode, I was completely ignorant of supersonic air travel, but as fortune would have it, this serial is entirely based on the innovation of the Concorde jet. 776 more words


Review: Doctor Who, Season 8

I wanted to love it. I did. So I didn’t write about it, I watched week after week, excitedly looking forward each time only to turn off the TV after it was over, usually a little sad. 3,676 more words

Doctor Who

Hard to avoid the corporate coffee shops in Xi’an, but there is hope…

Xi’an was our first port of call in China, so gave us our first impressions of the country. And the first thing that struck us was the proliferation of big brand names everywhere you looked. 872 more words