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Doctor Who Ultimathon: The TV Movie

A friend of mine (who’s  more than likely reading this – hello!) said to me recently that the best way to get to know someone is to ask about their day.  1,360 more words


The Claws of Axos - Review

I’ve been waiting a while to review this one, the first episode I ever watched!

A group of gold-skinned aliens land on Earth and offer wondrous technology in exchange for fuel. 559 more words


The Mind of Evil - Review

The Masters back with a new plot, this time he hopes to bring a new war to the world by using an alien entity that feeds on evil and fear. 446 more words


A New Companion's Guide to Doctor Who, part 4: The Villains

Every great hero needs a villain. In the case of Doctor Who, that great hero might need a few hundred villains to stand a chance against him. 670 more words


111 - The Time Monster

I have only the haziest memories of first catching glimpse of this serial – my dad was watching it on UK Gold, who very helpfully liked to insert ad breaks into the middle of 25 minute episodes. 451 more words

"Kingdom of the Cybermen"

“Kingdom of the Cybermen” (2ND01)

Game Master: Adam   Players: Brian, Erin
Game Date: 11 October 2014

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Selene, Mohana
Adversaries: The Cybermen… 147 more words

The Nth Doctor

Teaser: "Kingdom of the Cybermen"

IT HAD been hours since they’d returned to the TARDIS. With the Emperor Claudius left cowering in his field tent, drenched in sweat and pleading for mercy, the Doctor’s work in Roman Britain was done. 991 more words

The Nth Doctor