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The Gentle Art of Middle Age Ass-kicking

Of the four seasons there are only two that matter for Hollywood. The summer where the blockbuster behemoths rule the box office and the winter when the bulk of the Oscar bait is released. 827 more words

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The One

The One – a short video on the philosophy of you by Dejavusion Productions


The Matrix

Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times

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Today’s world is a strange place. We are inundated with signals from early on in life, encouraging each of us to walk a particular path, establishing blinders on us along the way to discourage us from looking for alternatives to what the herd is doing or thinking. 1,737 more words

Thoughts: A Non-Reactionary, Middle-of-the-road take on THE INTERVIEW debacle

When the story of the Sony hack broke a few weeks ago, no one really cared, some even thought it was a publicity stunt. Since then things have gone from bad to worse and only in the last few days, since the threat of terrorism and the cancelling of the release of ‘The Interview’ have people got animated about it. 851 more words

One Less Thing to Worry About

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There are plenty of things to lie awake at night worrying about. 1,002 more words

Climate Science

It's not a lie if you believe it

11 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy

Reprinted from Humans are free

The mainstream media is aging and collapsing under the weight of its own hubris and arrogance.Now entirely formulaic in presentation and predictable in substance, the ‘major’ outlets of news, which are monopolized under only a small handful of corporations, serve the purpose of misleading the public on important issues and manufacturing consent for government and the oligarchs.The public is still largely numb to this reality, and in a wicked catch-22 for modern man, many people are still addicted to the very media that serves as the primary weapon of social control against them. 1,764 more words