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The Unfalsifiable Conservative Outrage Machine

© Josh Sager – January 2015

Over the past seven years, the conservative movement has latched onto a series of “scandals” involving the Obama Administration. These scandals have almost universally been blown out of proportion, if not completely fabricated in order to serve a partisan political narrative. 646 more words

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Who Are You Wearing, Kevin?

A role reversal that makes you see clearly what Feminism is actually about . . . .

Imagine if male actors were asked this every time, 12 more words

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Megyn Kelly responds to Mike Huckabee's 'trashy' Fox News women comments (VIDEO)

Hot Air: Political hostility in the United States is more and more becoming personal hostility. New findings suggest that the sources of dispute in contemporary life go far beyond ideological differences or mere polarization. 35 more words


Marshawn Lynch Finally Speaks To The Media - And It's The Takedown Everyone's Been Waiting For

“All week. I done told you all what’s up and, for some reason, you all continue to come back and do the same thing you all did. 161 more words

Hang in there, TalCual!

After 15 years, Caracas newspaper TalCual will stop publishing its daily edition on February 27th.

In a written statement, the paper confirmed the bad news (leaked earlier by… 409 more words


Have you heard the one about the politician and the tea lady?

As a general rule, for a “political” blogger, I don’t really write that much about what politicians say or do. I usually find it’s simplest to just start off assuming that whoever’s in power is going to try and screw us over, and then move on to the more interesting question of what we’re going to do about it without worrying too much about the details. 636 more words

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Modern Journalistic Principles:

DeWayne Wickham, the dean of Morgan State’s J-school, claims that the first amendment ends at insulting Mohammed (or any speech that incites violence).

Maybe that means it’s time to get violent over government infractions on liberty – heck, the media constantly claims the tea party does the sorts of things that #occupy does anyway.

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