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Got Faith?

“Yes, I’ve got to have faith . . .” are the words that end the popular 80’s song “Faith” by George Michael. These are telling words, prolific words in fact.  1,251 more words


The Message "Bible" is not the Word of God

1. The Message “bible” inserts earth reverence, God of “green” hope: READ

2. The Message deletes homosexuality as sin in 1 Timothy: READ

3. The Message “bible”–Sin Saloon, Smart Mouth College:  READ

But let me run loose and free

“But let me run loose and free,
celebrating God’s great work,
Every bone in my body laughing, singing, “God,
there’s no one like you”
- Psalm 35:9-10 (The Message) 72 more words


The Power of Prayer

“Their minds had been infected with the evil that had spread across the country , but their souls weren’t evil.  Despite the atrocities, they were children of God, and I could forgive a child, although it would not be easy . 1,077 more words


Church and Community 2: Incarnation

‘The Word became flesh and pitched his tent among us’. I love that translation of John 1:1 from the Message Bible – it gets it in a nutshell. 414 more words


Comparing The Voice, The Message and The Living Bible

This is an article about three specific Bible versions, but has more to do with the form of each; the purpose is not to delve into specific translation issues associated with the use of words, phrases, sentences or the doctrinal implications of different translation practices. 1,209 more words