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The Mill by Edward Arlington Robinson

………………….The Mill

The miller’s wife had waited long,
…The tea was cold; the fire was dead;
And there might yet be nothing wrong
…In how he went and what he said: 141 more words


Audio Story

An exclusive look into the longest running open mic show in Iowa City. Find out what inspired local artists to begin their music careers and why Monday nights at the Mill are so special to them.

Local Music

The Elephant in the children's room

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The Mill Coffee

Obviously one of the most important things to find in a new city is where you can get a good cup of coffee. And thankfully, that place is right down the street from me! 110 more words


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Fableists: We need your help! Our animated film, voiced by Jennifer Saunders, is in the running to feature in the next issue of The Drum Creative Showcase. 42 more words

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Chicken and waffles, y'all!

There is perhaps nothing more iconic, weird and oddly intriguing than chicken and waffles. Who thought to put the two together? Do you use syrup? How do you eat it? 746 more words

Midwesterner Meets The South

Irish landscape photography and a Poem by : Edwin Arlington Robinson

The Mill

By : Edwin Arlington Robinson

The miller’s wife had waited long,
The tea was cold, the fire was dead;
And there might yet be nothing wrong… 159 more words

Nigel Borrington