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'The Millionaire Matchmaker' 8x6: Marysol Patton and Luke Rockhold

Okay everyone, Spencer and Heidi are gone. You can come back to Millionaire Matchmaker.

This week’s first millionaire is 47-year-old Marysol Patton, star of the… 1,234 more words

The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap: The Hills Are Alive!

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The episode starts with Stephanie Pratt being interviewed by Producers on why she is looking for love. Of course Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, her brother and sister-in-law, are lurking in the shadows. 968 more words

The Millionaire Matchmaker

'The Millionaire Matchmaker,' 8x5: Stephanie Pratt and Kari Whitman

There’s a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche that goes, “The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.” 1,331 more words

'The Millionaire Matchmaker,' 8x4: Perez Hilton and Sonja Morgan

Welcome back to the Millionaire Matchmaker, the show that’s sort of about finding love but mostly about second-tier celebs boosting their careers. (BTW, did you guys hear TLC is going on tour… 1,306 more words

Perez Hilton

'The Millionaire Matchmaker' 8x2: 'Chilli' Thomas and Jeff Ogden

Welcome back to the Millionaire Matchmaker, the show where C-list celebs try desperately to boost their careers single rich people try to find love! 1,334 more words