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The Best of...the Best of Lists

It’s the middle of December, which means that people are already thinking about January and every media outlet has already released their lists of the “Best ___ Books of 2014.” The year hasn’t closed its eyes yet, but everyone is shouting over one another to declare which books were/are the best of the year. 939 more words


Vertical Writing: I'm so glad this has been rediscovered

Gestation of Ideas: On Vertical Writing and Living is the latest popular blog in the writing category.

In the article, Nick Ripatrazone says: “Horizontal writing is focused on amassing pages and words. 497 more words


Storytelling, Slowed Down: On Writing Vertically

In a recent piece at The Millions, Nick Ripatrazone writes about the gestation of ideas and vertical writing, or the process of slowing down and digging deeper when writing a story. 383 more words


Literature Is Not a Religion | The Millions
Literature is not an ideology; it is not a religion. It is something grander, more human and humane. 73 more words

How to Write a Paper (or anything else, for that matter) in Grad School, Part II

Sometimes, you’re racing along, putting words to the page, thinking: “No problemo, this writing thing!”

Words pour out and sure, maybe they’re not totally connected. Maybe they’re even kind of brainstormy. 857 more words


See You in Paradise

I reviewed J. Robert Lennon’s new story collection, See You in Paradise, for The Millions. Lennon is one of my favorite writers, and The Millions is one of my favorite sites, so this assignment brought me much joy. 29 more words

Grief, it turns out, is not only a cruel muse.  She’s a fickle one as well.

–Bill Morris, “Grief, the Cruel and Fickle Muse…

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