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Trend Alert: Pantone Color Palette - Tinted Medley

It’s our week of all things Spring! A few weeks ago, we showed you Pantone’s Style Setting Palette. Today, I’m bringing to you another one of my favorite color palettes from Pantone. 154 more words

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This is how bureaucracy dies

Eventually, every firm will discover that it’s quite possible to manage without managers.

(TheMIX) — If you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating and wielding bureaucratic power, and if you’ve calibrated your career progress by the steps you’ve taken up the corporate ladder, or by the number of people who work for you, or the perks you’ve been awarded, or the scope of your authority, then envisioning a world in which leaders report to the led may be a bit daunting. 1,059 more words


DIY Spring Decorations

I know it’s been spring for a month, but only in the last couple of weeks has it really felt like spring. With Easter coming up on Sunday, I feel like I can finally get into the spring spirit and dust off those beautiful springtime decorations. 174 more words

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Our Favorite Nursery Inspirations

Happy Friday! With Spring weather finally kicking in, we are loving all things new and fresh–including babies! The nursery is one of the funnest ways to incorporate a new design into your home. 128 more words

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Post the Forty-First: In Which I Ask A Stranger On A Date

Gentle Reader, do you recall how I recently held a going-away party for my abruptly postponed Grand Tour of Europe?

I mentioned that there was a surprise guest appearance from a friend I haven’t seen since I was twelve; I had thought she had committed suicide years ago. 675 more words


Unique DIY for the Kitchen

The kitchen is my favorite room in my house. I don’t like to eat all that much, and I definitely hate cleaning the dishes, but there’s something inviting and warm about the kitchen. 201 more words

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Post the Sixth: In Which We Mourn Mimosa Sunday

Until very recently, every Sunday evening was what we cleverly titled “Mimosa Sunday,” during which, on Sunday evenings, we would drink pitchers of mimosa. Well, mimosa with a float of whipped cream vodka, that they’d do up especially for our fluctuatingly huge group that came ’round every week. 319 more words

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