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Test Kitchen Tuesday | The Mix, Holiday Edition

Growing up, mom would mix cheddar goldfish, Quaker oat squares and peanut M&Ms in a bag for us on road trips and it came to be known as “The Mix”. 98 more words

Test Kitchen Tuesdays

Post the Hundred-and-Twenty-Sixth: Tyler Three

I’ve spoken of the Summer of Tylers before, Gentle Reader. There ended up being four¬†Tylers in total – five if you include me. While Tyler Two was my favorite, I actually ended up going on a date with Tyler Three. 488 more words


Post the Hundred-and-Second: In Which We Take Lunch

Gentle Reader, the thing I miss the absolute most from my days of affluence isn’t the cocktail parties, the evenings out, or being able to afford – well, anything. 621 more words


Post the Ninety-First: In Which We Explore Online Dating

Gentle Reader, are you familiar with online dating? I’m sure that you’re aware of its existence, and that people have hilarious stories about the photos in profiles being decades out of date, but have you… 975 more words


Post the Eighty-Fourth: In Which The Chaise Longue Is The Most Important Part

Almost exactly one year ago, Gentle Reader, I was given a chaise lounge* for absolutely free.  As a rabid collector of both free things and pseudo- 959 more words


Post the Eighty-First: In Which DADT Is Repealed

Gentle Reader, the day that the ban on gay folks openly serving in the armed forces was lifted was momentous. I was watching history being made, history that directly affected me – Ex-Husband is ex-military, you see. 751 more words


Post the Seventy-Eighth: The Floor Show

In the early days of Mimosa Sunday, Gentle Reader, before we gathered a larger following, we’d sometimes go on excursions and field trips, rather than staying strictly at the Mix. 576 more words