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Post the Seventy-Sixth: The Champagne and Caviar Picnic

After Friday’s excruciating hike, I wasn’t exactly up for Tacoma Pride, Gentle Reader – my blistered feet, my knee needing surgery, my skin red and raw. 559 more words


Weekend Inspiration

Sometimes it takes a little shift in our perspective to gain some extra clarity in life….

Have a magical weekend!

World Cup

In the begining....

11/06/14 – 12:55am Melbourne, Aust

To those out there in the blogasphere,


Why write a blog? A question I have tackled with for a number of months now. 66 more words

The Mix

What the future of work looks like

(TheMIX) — There is a lingering notion in the world of business and beyond that organizations are things with four walls, that employees are people who report to work inside them every day for years on end, that work is a matter of executing on defined “key performance indicators,” and that success is a product of climbing ladders and exerting an ever-greater span of control. 1,615 more words



2 poems by Esau Cituk Andueza

Bienaventuranzas (Beatitudes)

They say of those who cut their veins

their bodies flow like a fountain of rubies

they are their own kingdom… 438 more words


John Nelson’s ‘Who’s Playin’ Where’ (5.30)


Sourmash Stevedores, Disco Cowboys, More America, Frank Sandoval @ Tim’s Tavern
Rat City Brass @ The Shanty
The Gum, Zoombella @ Darrell’s Tavern
Witchburn “unplugged” @ … 264 more words


Post the Twenty-Second: In Which There Is A Genderfuck Pubcrawl

Hello, Gentle Reader. You’re back! I have to say how surprised and gratified by how much traffic my humble offering of yesterday received. Here I was, blearily musing to the void, and far more people than ever expected seem to have been touched by my barely-coherent plea. 647 more words