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On September 19, 2008.

On September 19, 2008, Earl Palmer died aged 84.The American drummer worked with The Beach Boys, Little Richard, Frank Sinatra, Ike And Tina Turner,The Monkees, Fats Domino, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, The Righteous Brothers, Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, Tim Buckley, Little Feat and Elvis Costello.

Temples - Sun Structures

No accents to tip you off, but there’s surely an ineffable British-ness permeating this debut (they’re from England, so no surprise there). Sun Structures might have come across as cloyingly British, in fact, were its songs not so damned catchy. 91 more words

Album Reviews

Flip - January, 1968

Flip, in my opinion, is one of the superior teen fan magazines.  They seemed to have different access to the celebrities because many of their photographs seem more candid, and more exclusive than other mags. 55 more words


Co-Ed - March, 1968

I bought a lot of Co-Ed magazines on Ebay from a particular seller and about 10 of those magazines have the name “Harlene McCreery” scrawled on the covers. 123 more words


The First Record I Ever Bought

Let’s see, it’s probably late 1974, and I’m five years old. We’ve just moved into a brand new double-wide in the wilds of upstate New York, and my grandfather has decided to spring for a color TV and a primitive cable hookup. 578 more words

Pop Archaeology: "Sweet Young Thing" - The Chocolate Watchband

The mid-sixties in the U.S. saw an explosion of rock and roll bands,  Everywhere you looked kids were saving up (or begging parents) for electric guitars.  210 more words

Rock Music

The Ones I Rarely Play: Michael Nesmith - Listen to the Band

It’s not really surprising that Mike Nesmith was the only one of the Monkees to have a real solo career. He was, after all, the only ‘real’ musician in the band, and it’s easy to see that he is the only one who looks faintly embarrassed at the hi-jinks they were put through (that is, if he went through them: there are many episodes where he disappears from the screen before things get too silly). 651 more words

Soundtrack Of A Lifetime