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Hello Great community, it’s been two weeks off and Team AideYarn! would like to thoroughly apologise for the break. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter celebration and if TMA can be resurrected in this resurrection season, nothing good in your life has a right to remain dead (*winks*) 4,007 more words

Off The Record

A Sea of Vomit

Where I stay in London, we don’t have a lot of schools, there are a few, and surprisingly, their yards and the surrounding premises are quite tidy. 648 more words


The morning after

Happy Easter! Today we rise to a new dawn full of hope in the promise of Easter.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us a reason to live a good life. 1,169 more words

The Morning After

Fiction: Eden's Trees Falling, Chapter 5

How much whiskey could one man drink? And why did he have to throw it all back up?

Dave Miller knew the type. Afraid of trying to be something, only to find out they weren’t Matt “Bourne” Damon or Patton. 258 more words


oh what a night # 2

and so the morning after.

I watched this jet lagged once I got home – one of my favourite films and songs.


The Morning After

Why do I cling desperately to the night?
I refuse to close my eyes and give into the dawn

I don’t want to be awake for the beginning… 137 more words


Turn Up The Heat: Happy Skin Limited Edition Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies

If you haven’t heard of Happy Skin, welcome back from under your rock. I feel like their marketing is so aggressive that they’ve probably reached every Filipina even just remotely interested in makeup.  812 more words