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Wolf in White Van

Full disclosure: John Darnielle is one of my favorite living artists and the frontman of the incredibly prolific band The Mountain Goats. If you haven’t already listened to them, stop reading this and do that instead (I recommend something off Tallahassee or Transcendental Youth). 212 more words

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Review: Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle

With his first novel, John Darnielle has migrated into a new medium, a journey that was no great leap. The creative force behind long-running band The Mountain Goats, Darnielle is no stranger to storytelling. 1,196 more words


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Bestsellers this week:

  1. The Mountain Goats
  2. Okkervil River
  3. Mastodon
  4. Bonobo
  5. Royksopp
  6. Aphex Twin
  7. Metronomy
  8. Tweedy
  9. Bonnie “Prince” Billy
  10. Operation Ivy

Desert Island #7: The Mountain Goats

As should be obvious by now, I love few bands/artists like The Mountain Goats and John Darnielle.  I can’t think of another artist who I have spent the bulk of my formative years with that continues to write incredible songs that resonate so deeply with me.  324 more words

Desert Island

The Mountain Goats "Tallahassee"

At first, I wrote John Darnielle as precious. I was such an ass then. Tastes change, and I’m glad I came around. I ignored them for quite a long time, but one day, at 38 years old, I heard “No Children.” After years of failure, getting lost, and drinking way too much, it really made an impression. 98 more words


Michael Seman on Music Geography

I felt a good return to music on this blog was in order, mainly because I’ve got some more antique postcard news in the works. I was very fortunate to meet and work with… 289 more words