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9 – Birds

The book that Paul was using was extremely well organized.  The field guide arranged the bird by color, and listed each one with real pictures, notes, and cross-references to identify each species.  795 more words

The Mountain

8 – Wildlife

It had moved before he had even spotted it.  Frank Thomas stopped in his tracks to inspect the startled lizard.  It was the first creature he had seen since starting his hike.  859 more words

The Mountain

7 – Waterfall

It was pure serendipity that Bernadette found the humble and hidden creek.  She had spent most of her time on the main trail of the mountain, and until now, she never thought to venture off the well worn path.  654 more words

The Mountain

the last king of givandé

Long, long ago, or so I have been told, there once was a beautiful queen who lived in the great palace at the heart of the old capital of Givandé. 1,024 more words


Daily Draw: 3 of Coins (Hrimthurs)

Today’s draw is the 3 of Coins, the card of the master builder. The rune is Perthro (again; seems to be coming up a lot lately!), and the charms are The Lemniscate, The Bear, The Sun, The Microphone, and The Magic Wand. 74 more words


The Mountain – on the Beeb ... and Mar Lodge - on the web

This blog tends to concentrate on the more genteel parts of the Cairngorms, but a new BBC Scotland series perhaps merits a quick visit to the fleshpots of Cairngorm. 336 more words


The Mountain

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This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011. I had the pleasure of visiting El Teide. 302 more words