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The 52 Most Normal Things Cast Members of Game of Thrones Did This Year

Them doing normal stuff instead of fighting is sooooo odd. Who would have thought they’re actually real?



My Souvenir - #SinfulSunday

So I took a trip to South London and the only souvenir I got were these bruises.

Sex bruises are good bruises though.

You may notice this image is very similar to one of my other #SinfulSunday posts… 48 more words


6 – Outcrop

Pierre was like a kid in a candy store. The trailblazing path that he had been creating was taking him on a tour of the incredible and beautifully unique geology of the mountain. 629 more words

THE MOUNTAIN, In 13 Cantos

My Personal Top 10 Albums (2013)

I am so late with this, aren’t I?

Honestly, I really wanted to do this post. But for some reason, I felt more compelled to share my 10 favourite songs of the year instead. 1,164 more words


5 – Viewpoint

Highway 76 had turned out to be a good decision. It was a scenic bypass which was routed north of the urban traffic and offered an expansive view of the city, river valley, and grasslands on the left, and the imposing snowcapped mountain on the right. 773 more words

THE MOUNTAIN, In 13 Cantos

4 – Valley

There was a certain satisfaction being the only car on the agricultural dirt roads; either one was lost and clueless, or one was privy to exciting secret spots to explore. 668 more words

THE MOUNTAIN, In 13 Cantos

Way up on the Mountain

“The Mountain” by Trevor Hall is a simple song with a lot of depth. It’s very repetitive, yet I can’t help but put it on at really any moment of the day. 377 more words