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On Receiving Messages

You are hearing the call of ‘the portals’.

You are receiving messages from ‘the portals’.

Many of you are remaining deaf and dumb to the impact of this call and these messages. 121 more words

Creating Your Life

Walking thru Portals

We, the Mountains of the World, know you are hearing the call of ‘the portals’.

We know you are wondering what to do and how to be and whom to trust. 181 more words


Why You? Because....

And We, the Mountains of the World, hear you ask…Why Me?

We answer…

Because of the soul agenda you choose to incarnate to the Earth plane to accomplish; 58 more words

Conscious Co-creating

The Road So Far

I dream about the mountains the way most people dream about the ocean. I went last year for the first time it was my first time seeing a mountain that wasn’t a land hill. 1,119 more words


Dancing with The Mountains of The World

Every so often, We, the Mountains of the World, like to take a break from serious matters and engage in more light-hearted conversations.

This is one of those times. 92 more words


The Veil

We, The Mountains of The World, would like to make a few comments on the veil between the many worlds.

And yes, there are many worlds, each with its own challenges and opportunities. 169 more words

Creating Your Life

The Methow

I find it interesting that we call our area “The Skagit” and just over the ‘hill’ you have “The Methow.”  It is the same terminology:  it describes an area of great diversity, not a single place or town or famous beach or river or pub.  323 more words

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