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Your First Change

We, The Mountains of the World, would like you to focus on your first change during this time of significant change.

We would like you to view this change as if it were your first step into a new world. 123 more words

Creating Your Life

No More Happily Ever After's

Welcome to Day Nine.


No More Happily Ever After’s

And they lived happily ever after
Wait, what?

All those precious years spent
The clock tick tock… 571 more words


Joy Comes In The Morning, The Wind Is A Gentleman, I Seem To Remember (A Triology)

Welcome to Day 8.
Welcome to Poetry.
Today my offering is A Triology. Thank you for riding through October with me. The pleasure is all mine.
305 more words


And We, The Mountains of the World, Ask Again....

Who are you becoming?

This, from Our perspective, is a time of change.

Dramatic Personal Change;

Dramatic Earth Change;

Dramatic Cosmic Change.

And all this change has one consistent impact….the impact on who you are becoming. 84 more words

Creating Your Life

Dear Ones, I Came To The Mountains

Welcome to Day One. You are here. What a joy to have you along on this October journey. I am joining hundreds of other bloggers/writers as we… 233 more words


About Curiosity

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to speak a bit about curiosity…or rather your lack of curiosity.

We watch as those of you on the earth plane seem to value knowing over curiosity. 134 more words

Creating Your Life

About Trust

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to take a moment to redefine ‘Trust’.

We watch as you are told to trust…as you berate yourselves for not trusting…as you give away your trust (which, of course, you can not do). 132 more words