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Hello Twenty-Four.

Yesterday I celebrated my 24th Birthday! Some days I feel much older than I am. Having a Husband nearly 6 years older than myself helps with that one LOL. 249 more words

Moving Day

This morning I saw not one, but three of those big trucks on the road that say MARITIME-ONTARIO on the side. It was an omen, I’m sure. 122 more words


Becoming Mrs. Moses

When I got married, I debated keeping my maiden name. I didn’t. My last name was Jones – not only the fifth most common name in the country (at least when I looked it up in a school library book in 1977– behind Smith, Johnson (a riff on Jones), Williams and Brown), but also, I discovered, unbelievable. 1,575 more words

The Move

How Does One Survive in Lebanon?

I’ve been having a run of bad luck for several months now.

It really started  a month before I moved to Lebanon.  It’s just been one thing after the next but… 449 more words

The Move

One Year Down

I have been struggling with the best way to approach this post. Of all of the milestones and wacky adventures I’ve written about on my blog, this seems to me to be the most important. 444 more words


Why I Thanked my Guardian Angel

I was driving home, smile plastered on my face, open windows, enjoying the feeling of fresh wind on my face and the wind blowing through my hair. 213 more words

The Move

Trip of Discovery

We got back yesterday morning from our discovery trip to Florida, notice I did not say vacation.  Although many people thought that was what we went for was just a few days away, we actually went to see if what we were feeling seemed accurate when we actually stood on the ground we were dreaming of. 330 more words

Break Away