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Sonic components


This is the overall finishing of track, the mix down is what polishes a track to make it sound clean and clear. Techniques such as: eq’ing, panning, volume change, adding reverb, compression etc. 550 more words

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Textural components

Textural Components


This is where there is only one melody found in a piece of music with harmony or accompanies it.#


This is the texture we most commonly see in western music. 476 more words

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Pioneer CDJ2000

The pioneer CDJ 2000s are  industry standard, and will be found in most dance music orientated clubs, if it’s not the 2000s it most likely be the earlier model, CDJ 1000’s, they are very similar the 2000’s just has some more modern features. 820 more words

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Musical Components

Musical components are the main factors that make a musical piece what it is, and they are melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, structure, bpm, dynamics and texture. 558 more words

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Bring Me the Horizon's "Sleepwalking" makes a splash

In just two short weeks after the release of their of the “Sleepwalking” Official Music Video, the video has received more than 3,500,000 views on YouTube. 17 more words

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Cd-j’s are a D-j’ing hardware tool that allow you to input Usb, Cd’s, and control music from your computer through software. They have a build in screen that shows bpm , track name and other options available by using a  control knob and a Cd sized jog wheel for scratching, beat matching  and general playback. 896 more words

The Music Industry

5 New Places to Promote Your Music

These days, it seems that there are opportunities to promote your music everywhere you look. Some band services sites like Sonicbids and ReverbNation are full of opportunities that you can submit your music to (though often, that submission requires you to pay a fee). 789 more words

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