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Part 10- P is for Parkinson’s or Pain in the ….


Having Parkinson’s disease comes with its share of pain, from my right hand that shakes too much to my feet being sore from walking with my toes curling under. 758 more words

Parkinson's Disease

One Upon A Bayou

Once upon a bayou an old man and woman came down Esplanade almost daily to the shore. Under the watchful eyes of Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard (C.S.A) the man sat beneath an unravelling straw hat with a cane pole, fishing. 160 more words

Toulouse Street

Diary of a Hermit Crab Home Worker

February 26. Covered 172 miles. Cloudy sky, grey sea. Nothingness.

February 27, Covered 94 miles. Blue sky, blue sea. Nothingness.

– Log entries from Bernard Moitessier’s The Long Way

Toulouse Street

[Loop: Marlboro Theme Song Performed by the Incredible String Band}

After a long day, toss all those hours of staring at cryptic test cases written by people with marginal English language skills who are clearly feasting on brownies they are not sharing with you into the back of your pickup, spit on your hands, and crawl behind the wheel with a Frosty 40 of Tree Frog. 40 more words

Toulouse Street

The Narrative - Eyes Closed (2008)

We’re back! It took us a little bit longer to start writing again, but I finally managed to find some time and show you another small little gem. 153 more words


Lollapalooza 2K14

Confession: I’m a concert junkie. There is little more I’d rather do than stand in a massive crowd and sing along as my favorite artists play live. 164 more words

The Narrative

Sad Baritone Saturday

A sad baritone blowing big round Jello-tremulous Os of the blues.

That’s what started this ramble into a pleasant melancholia  a fizzing afternoon beer buzz of sadness not quite cheerless, simply there like a color in the air a sky so blue and clear you can hear it, a faint hum beneath your feet an afternoon so perfectly empty you just want to lay down in the arms of some big oak and root, thinking:  well, if the world is going to caterwaul in a crashing train wreck, I guess I’m not busy today. 313 more words

New Orleans