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The first thing to learn, according to my psychological assessments professor, is to never assume you know it all.

“It’s a myth!” she said emphatically, brandishing her hand toward her PowerPoint slide of a blown-up yellow emoticon with lips turned downwards. 716 more words

The Narrative

All The Things

Radio Free Toulouse Street now ends its broadcast day. ZRFT broadcasts from high atop a pigeon-bespeckled ledge on 1,420 MHz at 1 billion Tezlas iridescence. Mad Toms and Mauds o’ Bedlam, our Notional Anthem.

Toulouse Street

Punta Cana

In the midst of one of my toughest semesters to date, all I wanted was to sit on a beach, get a tan and read a good book. 236 more words

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a better psychologist

This psychiatrist, I detected, was a good one. He was reclining in his tufted leather chair with one leg crossed over the other and my file balanced on his knee. 783 more words

The Narrative

Cover up your arms

I have a friend here (and we all do) who enjoyed self-mutilation for just a couple of years in adolescence. She’s also experienced something I never have – alcohol poisoning in response to a heartbreak via a boy who was not worth it (no one is). 848 more words

The Narrative

The Art of Peeing on a Stick

No one knows how to pee on a stick and read the results like a woman who is trying to conceive, in whatever fashion. The acronyms, the lingo, the brand loyalties, the tricks, the insider knowledge–it’s its own subculture. 321 more words


And now we wait.

Embryo transfer complete. The next phase in the process is the hardest: waiting. I am scheduled for a beta blood test next Thursday to confirm pregnancy (or, ya know, to confirm no pregnancy). 359 more words