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Cover Up

On Sunday I took the kids swimming at a nearby pool.  And I wore a swimming suit, age-and-stage appropriate, but a swimming suit no less, under a sheer cover-up thing meant to … well, cover up.  468 more words


I tried to save him....

My 7-year-old son is one of those kids that is described as “one of those kids” by people who know him. A kid nobody forgets. A kid who brings joy to lives which always gives me good judgement no matter what I do. 391 more words

The Neighbors

Get some hot dogs dad...

“Get some hot dogs dad. You never know when we will have company,” my oldest son said at the store. Mom was out-of-town attending a health coach seminar. 263 more words

The Neighbors

Tommy Wiseau's New 'Sitcom' Is Appropriately Terrifying

Tommy Wiseau, the David Lynch character come to life space alien possible Serbian warlord male version of Single White Female genius behind the cult classic… 106 more words

The Trailer For Tommy Wiseau's New Sitcom Is Like An Acid Trip Orgy Gone Horribly Wrong

Tommy Wiseau has a brand new trailer out for his The Neighbors sitcom project, which he’s been working on for the past five years or so. 224 more words