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The Netherlands explained in a comical fashion

So I’ve lived in the Netherlands for just shy of 6 months and can happily say that majority of these nicknames memenames** are warranted. They have definitely hit Leiden on the head as… 49 more words

Expat Life

Katwijk Beach

Picture the most idyllic beach town you have ever imagined, now times it by 10 and realise that the image in your head now resembles something as realistic as the setting of a Tim Burton film and… 224 more words

The Netherlands

Happy New Year!

We Went to Amsterdam!

Well, not for New Year’s Eve. We stayed here in Groningen for that which was an experience in itself. Fireworks are legal here for only three days (Dec 30 – Jan 1) and during that time you can expect to hear them non-stop. 975 more words

The Netherlands

The Hague

The Hague… A city so full of itself, it requires a definite article before its actual name! All I can say about Den Haag (its Dutch name) is that I just didn’t get it. 247 more words


The City of Tolerance

The architecture in Amsterdam is incredibly unique. The buildings are crowded together, packed like sardines in hues of burgundy, eggplant, and midnight blue. They lean forwards and backwards like a drunken sailor, swaying with sturdy tolerance and grace. 446 more words


Not losing Leiden, loving Leiden.

Tonight symbolised the end of a chapter, the end of my exchange at Leiden University. Tonight we had the last of the christmas parties at the international student housing buildings, this was the last time we would all be together. 682 more words