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Confused and Twisted

Apparently the people who designed the ankle brace I’m currently wearing thought the wearer would be able to see behind, under, and to the side of the ankle simultaneously. 146 more words

Cheryel Hutton


I spent a week in Florida, last week. Well, I met Joey and Robbie there on the 24th of October and flew back on the 1st of this month. 464 more words


Mary Marcus: Friends Forever After

I had another nightmare last night about S who wasn’t really a friend, but someone who wanted to be friends and whose overtures I resisted; something that felt mildly bad, then horrendously bad, because S was murdered not long after I began ducking her phone calls. 969 more words

The Story Plant

Repeat after me, "I Am Thankful"

November 1, 2014

I always seem to have a million thoughts racing through my head these days. I weighed this morning and I’m officially down 95lbs. 1,278 more words

Later, Summer

The end of the Summer and start of Fall has been something to remember. I am so glad that the things that did happen, happened. Everything was an opportunity for me to learn more about myself. 358 more words


Helping Others

There are so many things that having this surgery has done for my life. My husband and I set up monthly at a local flea market and sell refurbished looking signs and furniture he makes. 754 more words


Chastity___________________________ Lust

Temperance_________________________ Gluttony

Generosity_________________________ Greed

Diligence__________________________ Sloth

Forgiveness and Meekness___________ Anger or Wrath

Kindness___________________________ Envy

Humility___________________________ Pride

What Column are we in or making headway towards?

Find a Way!

Taste And See