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The New Me.

The chilly fall air hits me but I just concentrate on the crunch of the leaves and the pounding of my heart. The old trees and noise of the forest becomes a blur; the blur is important, it means movement, and it means life. 653 more words

2015.... the year of holidays and running!

After a day of thinking, and to be honest doing very little else, I have decided, not only will I have a good few holidays/breaks to look forward to but I’m going to look forward to doing some races with my new found fitness!! 134 more words

So begins the New Year.

Does this mean “So begins the New You?”

I believe I can say this for the many around the world at this time – “Yes”. 148 more words

My filing cabinets

The best way to explain to everyone how my brain is working at the moment is with filing cabinets.

Imagine a giant room filled with filing cabinets. 654 more words



Before the accident, it was known that I, Bahar Kaya, get motion sick? lol motion sickness? Either way, car, bus, boat, some rides, make me sick. 441 more words

The New Me