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Ouuuch - I burned my hand severely

Lisbeth: How many miracles can happen on one day? The answer is unlimited. We had a good helping a few days ago.

First I sat watching Qisuk working with a young woman with psoreasis. 276 more words

When “Too Much” is Too Much: Shock Humor in Media

One of the most common factors shared among shows and movies of different genres is the existence of token or stock characters. We have the “ 1,198 more words


what should i call this?

Consistently, there is a new normal and then a newer one here in Israel. You don’t want to get used to problems, but you also have to learn to get through them. 1,119 more words


I am watching

…. these two shows!

“All you gotta do is call my name and I’ll be there on the next train…”

I sooo love Gilmore Girls. You might find it funny that I still watch this show despite the fact that it ended in 2007. 448 more words


"The pitchforks are coming … for us plutocrats"

Nick Hanauer, a billionaire who lives in Seattle, said he got rich mainly by foreseeing 30 years ago how important the Internet was going to become.  439 more words


Changing Tides

Life changes; It’s what it’s best at. By definition a living being is always evolving. We have two choices: we can resist the tide or we can move with it. 482 more words

The new normal: Links & comments 6/22/14

Thrown Out of Court: How corporations became people you can’t sue by Lina Khan for The Washington Monthly.

Individual Americans are losing their right to sue large corporations by means of “terms of service” contracts that customers and employees are required to sign as a condition of doing business.   420 more words

The 1% And The 99%