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What happened to American business start-ups?

We Americans pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit, but the number of new business start-ups is going steadily down.

The U.S. business death rate exceeds the business birth rate.  309 more words

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Courtney White on the age of consequences

Progress was good for my parents. They came to a strange land as poor pioneers and prospered along with Phoenix. They lived the American Dream—not the pursuit of material manifestations of success as much as their steady improvement over time.

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Why is Dayton, Ohio, demolishing its past?

Cartoonist Ted Rall wondered why his home town of Dayton, Ohio, is demolishing buildings that are architecturally and historically valuable.  These are the buildings he remembers from his childhood that give the city its character. 171 more words

Public Policy

Austerity: the global reach of a bad ideology

The Western world is in the grip of a bad idea that its governments can’t seem to shake off—although its peoples are starting to.

The idea is called “austerity.” It is the belief that public goods must be destroyed in order to increase private wealth. 751 more words

Public Policy

Melissa Benoist is Supergirl!

The search for Supergirl is finally over! CBS and Warner Bros. TV announced today that Glee star Melissa Benoist has landed the lead part in Greg Berlanti’s ( 89 more words


I blame the Redbreast.

 I’m at my local watering hole, unwinding after a productive work day. I am happy, relaxed, drinking a glass of wine, chatting with the regulars, the usual suspects. 571 more words


To clarify...

As I mentioned in a post yesterday day, I have cancer.

I don’t consider this the big deal some people might. Not in the sense that it isn’t a big deal and doesn’t suck worse than the suckiest thing that ever sucked. 193 more words