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Bezos Tries the Washington Post, Ctd.

A long article in the July 10 issue of the New York Review of Books focuses on Jeff Bezos and a new bio of Amazon/him by Brad Stone. 350 more words


Film Review: 'The 50-Year Argument'

The history of the New York Review of Books is incisively celebrated and distilled by co-directors Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi in “The 50 Year Argument,” which takes us behind the scenes of editor Robert Silvers’ storied weekly and finds, to its great reassurance, an American cultural Goliath little affected by the tectonic shifts that have reduced so much print media to rubble. 569 more words


A Life Worthy Of An Adult

As a whole these volumes work not by synecdoche or metaphor, beauty or drama, or even storytelling. What’s notable is Karl Ove’s ability, rare these days, to be fully present in and mindful of his own existence. 332 more words


On Olympian detachment

“What intrigued me most about Pushkin was his Olympian detachment. His willingness to accept and express any point of view…. Like the moon, illuminating the way for prey and predator both.” 18 more words


Religion and the Ethos of the Climate Debate

“Another response that would seem natural aligns a deep religious feeling with environmental concern, for those who consider the land a beauteous gift of the Lord should, surely, rationally, be among the most keen to protect it. 308 more words

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An unfortunate juxtaposition

The Observer had an interview with Robert Silvers, the veteran editor of the New York Review of Books (he was present at the 1963 dinner party where it was conceived, and has been its editor ever since).

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Mary McCarthy's 'The Group'

I just this morning finished Mary McCarthy’s novel The Group, and while searching online for some commentary about what I consider to be a rather strangely abrupt ending (particularly for so long a novel), I came across… 1,247 more words