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Tim Berners-Lee

For the ted talks I had found out that many americans want more raw date which I think is very important since in our time we are moving more into a technology world.

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The Science of the Perfect Blog Post

MMJaye recently paid me a high compliment, in her usual generous way: she said that I write “perfect blog post titles.” So, today, I’ll share my secrets – just don’t tell anyone. 943 more words


Recommendation means more than advertising

What is the best kind of adverts for any product or service? Despite years of advertisers telling us that the best products are the ones endorsed by celebrities, we all know that when a friend of family member gives a recommendation for something, that means more than any advertising. 199 more words

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10 Phrases Great Speakers Never Say

Want to ruin a presentation in seconds? Just drop in one of these sentences.

While it’s really hard to immediately win over a crowd, it’s really easy for a speaker to lose the room within the first few minutes of a presentation. 1,156 more words

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