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Watched the Night Watch Duology Recently

Good stuff.  May review it soon.  Definitely going to seek out the books.

It’s an interesting experience to watch a speeding truck bearing down on a scruffy-looking old man, recognizing him, and realizing… 7 more words


When Three becomes Four: The Last Watch

While I really enjoyed The Night Watch trilogy, the way it ended confused me. I understood what was going on (eventually, after a couple of reads) and while it seemed to close up well and tie everything together, I had a feeling that we weren’t finished with Anton. 728 more words


Returning to The Night Watch Trilogy

It’s been quite a while since I first read The Night Watch – I can’t remember when, I just know that I was hooked. I stormed through it in a couple of days and the rest of the trilogy followed the same way. 734 more words


I'm her child too.

I guess separation shows its impact in different ways. A year of not seeing my family has brought forth so many obstacles. I will admit, that my father and I have always had a very tight relationship, and if anything, this time apart has brought us closer. 858 more words

What I'm Reading: The Night Watch

Strictly speaking, I’ve finished reading it, but it’s not a review per se.

Sarah Waters is well-known for her historical novels, which all touch, in some way or another, on lesbian themes. 628 more words