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New Poem/The Old Inuit (Rough First Draft)

Between 1900 and 1922, in the Eastern Canadian Arctic a village was decimated by famine. An elderly couple were struggling to stay alive and when they were visited by their daughter, son-in-law and grandchild, the old man took the opportunity – while his daughter and her husband were outside building their own igloo – to kill his granddaughter and eat her. 370 more words

Creative Writing


The owl’s mournful cry caused the young woman to gaze up into the night sky. Death glided gracefully overhead in search of his prey.

“I salute you my friend” the woman said raising her hand to signify her respect. 35 more words

Prompt for August 13: Two Haikus about the Night

[prompt from http://daily-writing.blogspot.com/%5D

Dark, mysterious,
And unimaginably
Beautiful longing.

Where dreams are crafted,
Inhibitions forgotten,
And desires unfold.


The Moon

Daniel Smith and Windsor Newton Watercolors (Daniel Smith paints are real stone pigments) on a 7″x10″ (18×26 cm) Arches Hot Pressed, 140lb Watercolor Block. Painted today.



The rascal met the urchin
the devil and the sprite;

they frolicked in the forest
scampered, snapped to fright;

then terrorized the monkeys,
monsters, goblins, night! 8 more words


Rome Fortune + Childish Major 'The Night'

Ahead of his Small World LP, Atlanta’s Rome Fortune joins producer turned singer Childish Major for The Night. There is no date for Small World but be sure to look out for Childish Major’s first EP… 8 more words


WestWords Perfect Pair 03.07.2014


Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donoghue was born in Co. Clare in 1956, He was ordained as a Catholic priest, but left the priesthood in the 1990s. 142 more words