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The Night

it seems I’m always awake
when the world is quiet
and the lonely has settled
like a fog around the stars

my eyes seek out solitude… 50 more words

(we) (the night)

(we) are nonexistent and (we) will forever be, but when (you) bring (your) fingers to (mine) (i) close (my) eyes and see the night sky laid out as a rippling mirror of the undulating tingles running through (my) veins. 195 more words


She waits...

You are the blanket cast over the land once the sun has setĀ in the sky. In my bedroom your fingers are the limbs of treeĀ branches stretched cryptically across the curtains. 77 more words

Sundara Karma - The Night

Listen to the b-side ‘The Night’ from the bands ‘Cold heaven’ Single.

The songs fairly different to the A-side, far more subdued and experimental with some pulsating synth/guitar parts, it’s certainly a showcase for the frontman’s vocals. 41 more words


DenSouler- "The Night" & "Turn Me Up"

DenSouler dropped off two new tracks the other day. The first track is called “The Night (With Her).” He raps about a girl who he wants to stay the night with him, “stay the night, cause I don’t wanna say goodnight.” His flow fits together perfectly with the laid back beat. 53 more words