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Lake District

My parents have moved back to the Lakes up North in England and are so happy in their new home! I visited them for a couple of weeks last month, so I still have more paintings that I want to do of the area and their view especially, but here are my first three attempts..


It was a Folken Good Time!:)

So here I am back on my Northern Canadian soil, and once again, at the annual ‘Folk on the Rocks’ festival in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. I love attending any folk fest I can, and well music festivals in general, but particularly this one. 1,279 more words


#songoftheday: Stars - Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

Even though I’m more familiar with Torquil Campbell from his guest spots on CBC’s Q, it was a nice surprise to see his band at Osheaga last year.


Fog On M25: Country Cut Off

I was thinking this morning about that famous Victorian news headline: ‘Fog in Channel: Continent Cut off’, and it occurred to me that whereas as a race we are not nearly so solipsistic or Anglo-centred as they were; Londoners still seem to remain utterly London-centric.   328 more words

Friends And Family

A Culture of Honour

Festivity is one of the values we’re pressing into at The Belfrey. That’s not only about how we worship but about how we are. How we live our lives. 543 more words


Festivity is Driven by the Young

Festivity is driven by young people. That’s one of the points I made when I spoke last Sunday to the evening congregations at The Belfrey. We were considering the story found in… 491 more words


The Road to Wigan Bells

I live in a grim Northern Town. Whenever I go into town these days (something I generally try to avoid), I am struck by the new phenomenon of women – mostly older women – walking around with small bells attached to their person. 239 more words