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Two Ways to Destroy Popular Sovereignty

If yesterday’s post about how things in Kansas might all work out happily in the end left anybody nodding, rest assured that things did not work out anything like that. 719 more words

Road To War

Coal crisis: does Whitehall care?

As I write this, the British deep coal mine industry sits with a gun held to its head. Michael Fallon’s bullying and utter contempt for his role as the guardian of the nation’s coal reserves reminds you why he had to move four hundred miles from his Scottish home to win a seat. 612 more words

The North

Pennine Sinfonia: A new-found respect for the classics!

It’s been a while since I last posted, I have been busy doing some travelling, but I am starting to recount my tales! I was lucky enough to join someone I work with on a trip to Huddersfield to film a charity gig with a bunch of crazy virtuoso musicians. 139 more words

Nattsvargr/Vinterblod - Album Review

Winter has pounded my body and head with his heavy, cold fists before I’ve even opened the case containing Nattsvagr’s second full-length release Vinterblod. The moment the music begins, I feel as though I’m part of a hunt across lands blistered with frost. 247 more words

Black Metal

The Hound

Imagine living your life surrounded by sadists. Imagine growing up in constant fear of being mauled by them, being hurt or killed by them. To that, add the burden of carrying a flag of their torture on your face. 1,337 more words


Should Adams and McGuinness retire?

Norman Tebbit’s remark during the week — the he hoped Martin McGuinness would be shot in the back — prompted a thought. Should McGuinness and Gerry Adams consider retiring from activie politics at this stage? 94 more words

Irish Politics

The faucet

The faucet

When I heard the hatchet strike the tree
I thought: it wasn’t me

When the tree fell and split on
the ground, I was around… 99 more words