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A Moment's Peace

eyes close.
air warm of sunlight, it soothes.
cool wind, it brings truth
removing hitchhikers of dirt from the coat.
cleansing, moving air imparts peace. 36 more words

I Am Not, Yet There Is

As it becomes clear that this body is void of any personal identity, the enigma of existence unravels.  What is left is an alarming emptiness. An impersonal organic structure of perception exists but not in service of an identity. 311 more words


flashback; flashnow.

It’s…been ages.

To apologize or not to apologize?

Thousands–I mean thousands–of things have been happening to me, about me, and with me. I feel so unproductive. 352 more words

#c'est La Vie.

The AH Elite or 1% Opened the End Time Pandora's Box :(

The AH Elite or 1% Opened the End Time Pandora’s Box :( Starting all the  PROPHECIES for the end of this time period.  /

Now Each One Must Happen! 48 more words

The Now

Walk Pretty

Sometimes I remember my past life in which I was an everyday makeup wearing female, constantly worried about what would happen if I was seen without the stuff. 380 more words


Mortal Loop

All Life is Finite

The mortality-envelope


Of the Immortal-SoulIt’s just a matter of ‘When’

Thats the illusion of Time

There is no down-the-line

Nowhere to hide… 64 more words


Aligning With the Axes of the Moment.

During a recent floatation session I had an instant in which I saw time from a different perspective, in a flashing image. Not as a line, but as a string of beads, each holding the potential to burst forward each moment. 180 more words