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Luck beckons us.

as we beckon Love.

The Now

wasp & bee

lining the metal shelves of the studio amid the pinecones and glaze pots,

the clay bins and pot stilts are kiln posts -

(hollow fire brick to rest the shelves on in the kiln-) 141 more words


Keep It Simple (And Breeze Through The Holidays)

In general, we overdo it. Most of American culture believes more is better: work harder, get a bigger television, a nicer car… On the outside this may look successful and happy, but inside our giant houses, we feel isolated and alone. 434 more words


Be Like A Butterfly

A wise friend once gave me some great relationship advice. He said, “Sam, you need a man who can see you are like a butterfly. Someone that allows you to flitter and flatter out into the world, do your thing, and then have a safe home to return to.” 140 more words


Secret Passages


a secret passage!

Enter a door – exit a drawer!

There are secret passages everywhere -

we enter one door and everything is dark and scary - 17 more words


Cloaked God

I’m at church this morning. We’re continuing to talk about how we, as Christians, can reveal the invisible God to those that haven’t seen Him. It’s a compelling concept.