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Girls Are Feeling More Than 5 Seconds of Excitement After Hearing 5 Seconds Of Summer's Latest Announcement

In the distance, one can hear thousands of American and Canadian teenage girls fangirling so hard they “can’t even”. Why, one may ask? Because 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER IS COMING TO AMERICA AND CANADA ON THEIR ROCK OUT WITH YOUR SOCKS OUT 2015 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR!  422 more words


I'm In A Hurry and Don't Know Why: 5 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life More

Why are we in  such a hurry all the time? Society is too fast-paced now. It seems as if we get somewhere and we are immediately worried about where we are going next−we get something we want and we are already worried about getting something better. 1,010 more words


Jews protest against Israel

“Jews protest against Zionist Israeli Genocide in Palestine – God is Great! This rabbi is telling the absolute truth; Zionism is an atheist political movement founded in the late 1800’s.

522 more words

The Now

Beginning at the End

The only way to end life’s misery is to keep beginning again. Eventually something new will emerge, wet and screaming, from the womb of my spirit. 180 more words

Act Of Creation


be careful, little lizard!!!

 you have chosen a risky perch to sun upon!

On this leaf

i am tall,

high above your head – well – almost… 35 more words

The Now

The NOW - Haiku.

<<  ARRGHH… – Haiku.

 My THEME was :  This image. 

                       Past Is History,

                                       And Future Is Mystery,

                                                        Live In The Present.

Gone – Haiku. >>