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From Big Ben to the Big Bend

Hey Guys! 

My most recent Odyssey at FSU article is about a local business, whose owners flew all the way over from LONDON to start up. 35 more words

The Odyssey

My first visit to Barcelona

Last week I did a quick trip to Barcelona for the FSF-Europe Free Software Workshop, and got a chance to see the city a bit. There was good energy and good attendance at the conference, with some old friends and major thought leaders in free software, and my talk on software patents and the Supreme Court was well received. 802 more words


Originality? What's That Mean?

It’s been said that no idea is original anymore. The romantic idealist in me wants to stand up and say “no sir! I shall find it!” The sometimes negative realist in me is sitting next to the idealist saying, “really, dumb butt? 595 more words


Vol. 22: Lost in Translation

I am currently deep within reading The Odyssey. Although my goal was to only publish posts when I was done reading texts, my reading of the Odyssey—and the challenges I’ve had in doing so—have lead me to some reflections about the importance of good translations. 1,627 more words

Homer's The Odyssey Review

Alas, the day has come. I have finally finished The Odyssey. I can check one book off my list. I can’t begin to express how excited I am to be reviewing this book, so dear to my heart. 701 more words


Redneck Crazy

High-cut jean shorts show off legs both smooth and hairy. Sleeveless shirts, camo hats and boots have officially sold out at every thrift store in the Auburn area. 458 more words

The Odyssey

The Stage is Set (The Odyssey Book 13)

I’m off to Sparta, where the women are a wonder, to call Telemachus home, your own dear son

One thing I noticed, is any Proper Noun needs a sort of intro in this book.

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