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Monks should remove their knives lest they accidently cut themselves in their sleep.

We visited the ruins of the Abbaye de la Sauve-Majeure, about 30 km east of Bordeaux (when travelling by Giant Beautiful Car. Some alert readers will notice the an additional adjective; the Giant Beautiful Car’s owner, A., asked for this adjustment. 1,436 more words

Innovative Uses Of Space


After the video of Rice beating his fiancée was highly publicized all over the Internet, many people were asking how Palmer could have possibly stayed with him after the abuse. 61 more words

The Odyssey

The Right Word For Woman

As we consider The Odyssey’s characters and their characteristics, my students tend to identify with Penelope’s strength and loyalty, and they dislike the goddess Calypso, who they call clingy. 850 more words

Big Fish (Live Theater Review, 2014): An Odyssey in Bloom

Big Fish is the musical adaptation of the 2003 film, Big Fish, which was based on the 1998 novel, Big Fish, by Daniel Wallace – all of which seems like a vague modernization of Homer’s… 1,449 more words


Bowls Of Sugar And Cocaine, While Reciting The Song Of Songs With Odysseus, Penelope And Neil deGrasse Tyson In Bed.

Growing up in the 70’s in middle America, breakfast cereal provided me with a philosophy of pleasure.  Of course the sugar, but also the sweet beauty of packaging captivated me and schooled my budding aesthetic sense on not what’s in the box, but on the bright colors, solid lettering, and promotional pitches.   587 more words

An Epic in Creative Collaboration (by Abra Hunt)

I want to tell you about why Merle and I decided to create this novella in the first place:

Last Friday I witnessed a very literal representation of what both of us had for so long struggled to put into words even in a way we could interpret for ourselves let alone to those curious enough to inquire. 487 more words

The Waves The Waves

Fats, Gods, and Fire

I consider Harold McGee a Moses of Food, that is, he’s come down from the mountain with tablets announcing what cooking is really about, and what natural laws we should follow. 477 more words