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A Library of Life - the 2000s

As I reflect on the 40 years of my ministry and the books that have made an impact on me I come to the first decade of this millennium. 1,153 more words

Library Of Life

How to overcome Deception

The old trick of deceiving other people to get what is desired is prevalent today as it was many years ago. Anyone who has had success over another knows how critical it is to make an opponent think one thing with the intention of taking away something of value. 594 more words


Deuteronomy Chapter 21

In this portion of the sermons given by Moses, to the Israelites, he was teaching some of the specific commandments from what we call the law of Moses. 1,742 more words

The Old Testament

Deuteronomy Chapter 20

The Israelites knew that they had a future of fighting other nations. The Lord had promised them that he would be on their side, as long as they righteously followed His commandments. 1,698 more words

The Old Testament

Deuteronomy Chapter 19

In chapter 17 of Deuteronomy, Moses reminded the Israelites of the importance of having righteous leaders. Specifically, he taught them the importance of judges who would do their duty without prejudice and according to the laws of God. 1,628 more words

The Old Testament

Deuteronomy Chapter 18

Moses continues his sermons to the Israelites as they prepared to enter the promised land. In the last chapter he shared teachings on the need for righteous leaders in their judges, priests and kings. 2,094 more words

The Old Testament