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Old Testament Doubled Down

I wasn’t really planning to but I finished the Old Testament yesterday. I’d been reading on-line and it was somewhat of a jolt when I clicked on next chapter and Matthew came up. 72 more words


Printable Film Critique Assignment: Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments

As a current thirty-something, I grew up with the yearly tradition of watching Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments on TV. It has everything – adventure, romance, questionable hairstyles (I’m looking at you, Yul Brynner) – so, imagine my surprise when I was fresh out of college and teaching Scripture and realized most high school students, at least the ones whom I’ve encountered, have never seen this epic in its entirety. 155 more words

Catholic Education

Deuteronomy Chapter 3

Moses was commanded to teach the Israelites before he left them and they continued on to gain the land of promise. These were the younger generation, who had not experienced much, if any life at all, in the land of Egypt. 1,346 more words

The Old Testament

On 2 Samuel 4-7

When Ishbaal (or Ish-bosheth), the son of Saul, heard that Abner had been killed, he mourned him. Then, two mean, Baanah and Rechab, went and killed Ishbaal and brought his head to David expecting David’s happiness since Saul and all his posterity had been killed. 634 more words

The Old Testament

Deuteronomy Chapter 2

The prophet Moses, taught the Israelites those things which the Lord wanted them to know and remember. As a people, they had traveled for many years and had many experiences to learn from. 1,890 more words

The Old Testament

Samson and the Cast of Many Colours

Over Christmas last year the British TV station Channel 5 put on a fancy, big budget American mini-series about The Bible, with the rather imaginative name… 1,458 more words


On 2 Samuel 1-3

After the death of Saul and his sons, one of the Amalekites went to David to tell him that Saul and Jonathan were dead. The Amalekite claimed it was he who killed Saul since Saul was suffering from a wound. 515 more words

The Old Testament