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The One That Got Away

In my 27 years of existence I can honestly say that I don’t know the feeling nor have I experienced  “the one that got away”, but what I have felt is that feeling of coming in second to someone else’s one that got away. 228 more words


Reasons Why You Let The One To Get Away

Sitting in front of you is probably the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet in your whole life. She’s carelessly fixing her hair using her fingertips, while playing a grunge song on her guitar. 494 more words


The Bitter Batter

Dear Diary,

Press Play… It will contribute to the emotions behind this post. 
Also, it was his favorite song xxx

I have till this day not really spoken or written about him. 284 more words

Dear Diary

In Review: Matt Adler

As you read in a previous post, we introduced you to and interviewed independent Christian pop-rocker, Matt Adler.

Now, we’re going to update you on the amazing things Matt has been up to. 299 more words

My Muse (The One that Got Away)

Recently, I heard the expression, “the one that got away”, and I did not exactly understand it until today, and then what do you think happened next? 498 more words


The One that Got Away - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Rose PoV

I lean against the door after closing it, heaving a contented sigh. “Rose?” I hear a voice call out in the dark. 3,657 more words

Fan Fiction

The One That Got Away

I used to really hold onto this belief of a mythological creature that I would label “The One That Got Away.”

Five years later, I’ve come to the conclusion that this creature does not exist. 275 more words