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To The Man Who Got Away


We haven’t spoke since last July 2013. I still care and love you but, that doesn’t mean I’m in love with you. You’ve moved on and so have I ( 440 more words


I remember when I saw you naked and the first thing I noticed were your stretch marks.

You would think a sixteen year old boy would focus on a part of you that magazines and online movies glorify but your exposed self was more than just hormones and those stretch marks were stimulating enough… 234 more words


The One That Got Away: The Beginning

A lot of people in my life know the basics on this situation, but not a lot of people know how much this is working me over. 452 more words

The One That Got Away

Memorial Day Hangover

Well, here it is, here is the post about the guy that ruined any chance I had of believing true love does exist and that sex is just an act between two people that are horny. 747 more words

Coffee And Tequila

The Metal Tinder

Date stats

My appearance: Interstellar (second date in the same night – never again)
His appearance: Kind of like that red haired guy from The Almost… but not. 415 more words

Adventures On Tinder

Sonnet #6: The Love Story

They asked me if I could write a love story.
Your name appeared on my mind.
And my hands moved with my heart.
As I wrote every word. 73 more words