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Language learning with augmented reality

From E-Learning V

Ce que je voudrais utiliser est la ‘réalité augmentée’. Soit à l’aide de quelque chose comme ‘Google Glass,’ le mot pour quelque chose en français pourrait se superposer automatiquement sur tout ce qu’on regard. 90 more words


Undoing the blogging habit of a decade

For a decade I’ve settled into a blog post every morning.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve at least been forming a new habit. Whether 3.30am or 5.40am I get up and work on fiction ’til breakfast. 80 more words


French tongue twisters are doubly troubling for the English tongue

From E-Learning V

 Fig.1. Un chasseur sachant : a tongue-twister in French

I just stumbledupon this fun, fun, fun way to pick up some fresh French vocabulary AND with some exceedingly difficult tongue twisters to take your mouth to the gym – very necessary if you are to pronounce much correctly in French. 25 more words


Ideas for a Story

As you may know I have embarked on a short, free creative writing course with the Open University.

This is the second ‘large’ piece of writing I have been tasked to do. 608 more words


From E-Learning V

Fig.1. My stab at a popplet.

I added some orange hair. Themed for the 5th of November as this is how I look on the streets of Lewes at this time of year.  119 more words


A200: The first assignment

So I’ve just submitted my very first assignment for A200. How do I feel?
Relieved, unsure, disappointed, pleased but most of all… Ready for the next part. 356 more words

Distant Learning

Research Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site and given an update on my progress, so here it is! I have been extremely busy with my PhD, especially since the conclusion of my fieldwork in June, and have several things that are ongoing or upcoming in the near future. 363 more words