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  • Wound-Up Bird Chronicle (curiosity, not knowing, plato’s cave and the well, loneliness, twisted awkwardness, death by apathy.)
  • “too boring”, Epic Love Story
  • writing it down would make it more real (fear of dreams)
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The Ordinary

PRAYER: The Sanctity Of The Ordinary, by Richard J. Foster

From Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home

Do not forget that the value and interest of life is not so much to do conspicuous things. .

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Posts on the Mass as a Musical Form

The Mass

Musicologists study liturgical music. Lay music has existed for a long time. There have been troubadours, trouvères and minnesinger who wrote and sang humble songs. 371 more words

Canonical Hours

2014 (what an interesting title)

2014 has been the year that was too good to be true.

I was so happy and so grateful all the time – I got good grades, got close to my tennis-fit days, got to travel to sooooo many places and more importantly, with the people I love the most, got to eat so much that I lost my fitness in the winter, got into the school of my dreams, got close to my new concord family (while still keeping the old golden), got to skate at somerset house (one dream down), did a scorpion (another dream down), spent time with jiejie in london, fell in and quickly out of love, had too many swyt moments, experienced late nights, a walk of shame, tears for a bestfriend, movie marathons, simple and easy fun, the best new years I had ever… the list goes on indefinitely. 516 more words

The Ordinary

The Good Stuff

My 17 year old daughter asked me yesterday in a conversation what the happiest moment of my life was.  I was hard pressed to come up with one answer.  403 more words

Best of 2014: My favorite posts of the year

Technically, I should have posted this yesterday when the calendar still said 2014. But the previous year is still within the 24-hour mark so I think I am okay. 67 more words



Sometimes the holy sits tight
Waiting for recognition among the pens
And paper clips on the desk.
Sometimes, I talk to the spider plants while watering…

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The Flame In The Lotus: Poetic Musings On Amida