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The Problem of the Mystic East

After having read Robert Orsi’s rather odd essay on “The Problem of the Holy” (in The Cambridge Companion to Religious Studies, ed. by Robert Orsi… 738 more words

My Abode

I like my apt. It’s just a room + bathroom.
But, I’m just one person so it’s fine.
Some noteworthy things about it:
I can see whoever rings my doorbell because of a little video cam that turns on when someone rings, showing me video inside, which I’m happy about, because there are creeps that exist and I don’t want to meet any of them.
My washing machine is unsurprisingly all in Korean, so I’ve just been clicking and seeing what happens. Allegedly, there’s a dryer cycle, but I’m not sure how to activate such sorcery, so I just use a drying rack that came with my apt.
Air con works nicely & is only controlled via remote. I’ve used it once, because I have windows that open. And I’m cheap.
The bathroom is the shower. The shower is the bathroom. It’s easy to clean the floor, which gets very sandy very easily.
Normal flushing toilet, none of that bidet nonsense with dozens of buttons. It is worth mentioning that I’ve encountered a fancy heated toilet seat & it was awesome.
I have a good hunk of closet space. No complaints.
I miss my old bed & pillows obviously, but I begrudgingly admit that I sleep better on this rock hard slab of concrete that is my bed.
I have a nice big wall of windows facing east, meaning the sun rises right in muh face, bright and early, 5am. Lights from surrounding nightlife shine in here in the pm, so it’s never truly dark in here. But I’ve gotten used to it. I like the windows.
There is no good place to put my suitcase…
Baseball batting cage/arcade outside, 16 floors below, occasional construction noises. Not to mention emotional drunk people are annoying, but not a big deal.