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My Breastfeeding Journey - 11 Months

In retrospect I probably should have tried to post regularly about my breastfeeding journey. It was difficult at the beginning, so very very difficult. By three weeks old I was able to feed in public but it hurt, there were latch issues although Elvis and I had established a routine. 325 more words

The Other Side

5 Steps

Elvis has managed five unaided steps today. Twice!


Oh, and he’s mastered coming down the stairs!

~ P

The Other Side

True Love, Synchronicity and the Other Side

My boyfriend Andrew’s grandmother is on the other side, but she is responsible in a sense for us meeting each other, and has given us confirmation that our relationship was destined.   849 more words


Sylvia Browne on Children


Sylvia Browne in her book The Other Side: How I Know What I Know
A quoted piece from her book…
I do thank The Sixth Sense movie for the memory and well-done portrait of life through the eyes of a psychic child. 328 more words


Monthly Update: Month 11

Weight: 22lb 14oz

Bedtime: Same as before, 7pm for him and maybe half ten for me. He also doesn’t go to sleep straight away anymore and can talk to himself in his cot for up to an hour. 438 more words

The Other Side