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Computer booting slow or crashing often? Quick Fix

MSCONFIG can be used to speed up the booting processes and also reduce or eliminate computer crashes. Each time your computer is started there is a long laundry list of programs that are initialized during the startup process. 387 more words

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Motivated DIY'er

This is one motivated DIY’er! Yesterday was work on house day, and as much as I wanted the stove done it did not get done… 189 more words


Here's Tom Brady's Resume Coming Out of Michigan, In Case That Football Thing Didn't Work

Brady just discovered this and published it on Facebook (seriously, when is this guy gonna get a twitter?).  It seems that if Brady didn’t get drafted, he was all set to join the working folk.   48 more words


Society Makes Me Sad

Everyday, I wake up and get dressed, as does everyone in the world. I don’t have a floor length mirror to look at myself in but I still look at myself and think, “I could afford to lose a few pounds”. 170 more words

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More Than Happy #nocomplainweek

Hey everyone! My church has started a twitter/instagram campaign for the rest of the week called No Complain Campaign.

This week, challenge yourself to not complain or argue. 205 more words

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Website Spotlight: Godinterest

This website is a Pinterest for the Christian things on the internet. So far I’ve found it to be an interesting find. I’m excited to see what else I can do. 18 more words

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