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My Insolent Future Self

It was Saturday and my insolent future self was giving me lip. What has the world come to? We finally have the technology to make phone calls to the future and all I want to do is be sarcastic to me. 125 more words

The Other Stuff


Testing an Instax Wide in low light conditions.


It's Hallowe'en Season!

Hallowe’en Profile Pic, courtesy of PicMonkey.

The Other Stuff

Get 1 step closer to improving your life.

Can people stop blaming others? It is said that if a person can stop blaming others their life would be a happier one. Taking responsibility when you do things incorrectly isn’t an easy feet but it can give you a long lasting empowering feeling. 121 more words


All you need is pure bravery

“I had a wonderful evening tonight. For a lack of a better word, it was magical. There is a lot to be said for purging what holds you back. 56 more words


Two Rooms Ahead of Myself

Sometimes I get so excited about something that I start jumping ahead of myself. I am on the tail end of N’s room{Yes!!! – fist pump} just some little touch ups, then some finishing of the living room. 201 more words


2 Different Kinds of Brushes

In my house there are two kinds of brushes; 1 for paint and 1 for the staining & varnishing. This past week involved the first type…I am sooo happy to say I have switched to the second type! 21 more words