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Self-Portrait on PicMonkey

I’ve been using PicMonkey to design images for my blogs, and I used part of a new-haircut selfie to create this little number: me as some sort of zombie -vampire-demon. 30 more words

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Milan Lucic's Attack on Danny DeKeyser's Family Jewels

You think you were frustrated with the game last night?  Lucic was PISSED!  And unfortunately for DeKeyser, took his frustration out on his penis.  I cringe just watching this. 14 more words

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Bruins Missed the Goal By Thaaat Much

That is how close the Bruins were to winning last nights game.  The Red Wings took that rebound and then drove it down the ice and scored on the ensuing play, so had Lucic been able to sneak that puck past Howard, Red Wings don’t get the breakaway and Bruins take game one.   8 more words

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Good Friday... Is It?

It is early on this ‘Good Friday’, my son is safely at school and as for me I am at work. The warehouse is dark and silent as all my employees are probably all snuggled up in their beds. 363 more words

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Blogging 101: Penny For Your Thoughts

What was on your mind when you decided to start a blog?

I have multiple blogs and each and every one of them were started for one reason, expression. 367 more words

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Celtics 2013-14 Bloopers and Funny Moments

Capturing all the bloopers and funny moments from an otherwise horrible, painful season.  Shoutout to Celticslife.com for making this video.  Great vid.  Especially hearing Sully laugh like a schoolgirl at the word poop.  HA priceless.


The Tales Of Being Obsolete Continue

2 1/2 weeks ago I wrote about my server that decided to break. This crippled my emailing abilities. Searching for a replacement hard drive became a challenge when I found out that after 4 years the server was obsolete. 701 more words

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