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After a terrible night of terrible dreams, Rivyn Quo’rath awoke with a stinging sensation searing his abdomen. Beneath him there were gouts of blood sponging the linens and snake-like shreds of skin in his bed, and when he arose from bed, his ribs stuck to the linens in eight places, the blood of his wounds a kind of adhesive. 19,994 more words

The Painted Lady


Thin as thread, with exquisite fingers,—
Have you seen her, any of youf?—

          -Edna St. Vincent Millay

Water lapped against the ashen shore as Woely glided into Spouter Bay, Woely’s captain hooting and hollering. 9,672 more words

The Painted Lady

Next gig: 9/11 at The Painted Lady

There’s a new curated concert series in town (Toronto, ON). Cinematic indie-rockers 5th Projekt are running ‘Second Thursdays’ at The Painted Lady (218 Ossington). The second Thursday we’re slated for is on 9/11. 14 more words