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David Foster Wallace in Nature

I once watched an interview in which Jonathan Franzen speculated about a solemn difference between the late David Foster Wallace and everybody else, including Franzen. It’s a story many who occasion this sort of marginalia will be familiar with. 941 more words


David Foster Wallace on Our Civic Responsibilities and Being Less Selfish

Always so beautifully, intellectually and introspectively written, here an excerpt from my favorite author DFW – chapter 19 of his unfinished novel The Pale King… 335 more words


I was, In A Way, Too Free

I knew, sitting there, that I might be a real nihilist, that it wasn’t always just a hip pose. That I drifted and quit because nothing meant anything, no one choice was really better. 137 more words


David Foster Wallace

It’s the 1860’s and the chess board sits within an annular crowd of the beer drinking and beer drunk. The Grand Master places his piece firmly forward, then the Automaton, this great machine that has been touring the South, creeks and whirls and clicks and takes the castle. 2,175 more words