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Zero Waste Week: a plethora of paper

Whilst I’m doing well at minimising our ‘black bag’ waste, I have to be constantly vigilant about paper and cardboard waste. These may be recyclable but that really is only part of the solution as recycling paper is an incredibly energy, water and chemical intensive process. 957 more words

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Zero Waste Week: food waste or wasted ingredients?

Food waste is a pet hate of mine. Each year households in the UK waste 7 million tonnes of food and drink. Half of that doesn’t even make it to the plate but goes straight into the bin, ending up in landfill or the incinerator. 1,176 more words

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Wine Drinking Tips | A Toast to Our 2nd Favorite Adult Beverage

Slide over, sweaty mug of brutish beer; wine has stepped up its game!

In the past two decades, zins, cabs and chardonnays have soared in popularity among imbibing Americans. 744 more words


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I'd been planning to write about wines for some time now so I can appreciate these tips from pslovecharli.com.

Pasta in a van...?

During Plastic Free July I joined an online discussion (or rather a collective rant) about the packaging of staple foods. Not just about the nature of packaging but whether it is necessary at all. 995 more words

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