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Buchanan's Cheesemonger: Maturing and Tasting Rooms

‘What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?’  If philosophising on the subject of coagulated milk was important enough for Brecht, then we at The Holborn can’t be blamed for indulging ourselves. 835 more words

The Pantry

Q&A - Bash Redford and Arch McLeish, Forza Win

Watching my boyfriend stab a glistening joint of meat by candlelight, surrounded by wide-eyed strangers, was an unusual way to spend a chilly November evening. This was our first encounter of… 1,029 more words

The Pantry

Tea: reflections - take 2

It’s a couple of months now since I radically changed my intake of tea, and new habits, routines and tastes have definitely replaced old ones. 832 more words

The Pantry

On electrical appliances and hand tools

I recently read that the number of electrical appliances in an average British home has increased three and a half times in the last 20 years and the overall number of electronic consumer gadgets 11 times in the last 40!* In other words, the number of electrically powered consumer toys and domestic devices has ballooned in my lifetime. 963 more words

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