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Book; Justin Cronin's 'The Passage' - "The thing was, most of these mistakes were actually borrowed from other people. You took their bad ideas, and for whatever reason, made them your own.”

It is Monday, today should be a book post but I’m struggling to finish the two things I’ve been reading – one is a useful non-fiction book that I hope to finish and apply the teachings to my knee. 285 more words


The Passage - Justin Cronin

**Spoilers Included**

Excuse the state of this cover, but at a colossal (and undeniably excessive) 963 pages my copy was tossed about for a considerable amount of time before completion. 561 more words



Kia Ora!

Has anyone actually finished the book yet? It was a long one. I whizzed through the last 20% (Kindles are cool) as The Boss gave me a “before 2015″ deadline. 545 more words


The Passage

I completed The Passage by Justin Cronin yesterday after months of slogging through & walking away & coming back to it between other reads.
It’s fabulously written but is impeccably difficult to get into since its constantly jumping between characters for a good chunk of the story. 138 more words


The Sad Passage

Nothing makes this gal sadder than a killer book, with a boring cover.  Here is part of the reason why.  A library patron asks me for a good book to read, which gets me super excited because this is my favorite question EVER.  217 more words

By: TeenLibrarian

December 2014 - The Passage

Selected for the Coppers Literary Society by Caoimhe Fanning.

 Dia dhuit,

Many thanks Róisín for giving me this opportunity…as Elaine said “she probably only picked you as you are one of the last”. 154 more words