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Bro-naissance at NYC

What happens when two bros hang out in the greatest city of the world? Just one world. Legen…wait for the blog to end… :D

So there I was on a much needed vacation and on my way to Buffalo, NY to meet my best friend and bro, Rushikesh. 695 more words

The Passenger

I Love That Show!

Hello Travelers!

I hope you had another lovely weekend! Mine was such fun. I spent it surrounded by wonderful, like-minded people. It really helps to keep my vibration high and lightworkers like you and me need to keep our vibes as high as possible! 828 more words


Dir: Penny Panayotopoulou

Last year at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, much was made about the identity adoption gimmick to Michelangelo Antonioni The Passenger… 434 more words


kapan #1

apa kabarmu?
sudah sejauh mana kau melangkah?
masih kah beriringan atau kau sudah jauh melesat?

apa kabarmu?
masih kah kau sering terjatuh?
or you just got a “thing” to filled you?


The Passenger (A short film about Time Travel)

A short film made by Tom, me and our little brother. Enjoy, and feedback is welcome!

A short film we made over the past couple of days about the travels of a man when he discovers a mysterious box in his shed.

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Tom Bumby

In Other News ...

Making The Case For Walkable Urban Spaces    Whew, homes in walkable neighborhoods are already worth 74% more than comparable homes in car-centric neighborhoods.  Just wait until this peak oil thing gets even worse! 151 more words

The Passenger (1975)

The Passenger, Michelangelo Antonioni. The plot is boilerplate thriller: switched identity in Africa leads to chase across Europe in search of big secret, with reporters, arms dealers, and a vulnerable ingenue all thrown in the mix. 146 more words

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