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My online reading habits have shifted immeasurably over the past two decades, along with the nature of the web itself, but there are two sites that I’ve visited on a regular basis for at least fifteen years. 908 more words


American Sniper, Groupthink, and Freedom From the Tribe

I remember when Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ came out and there was a lot of controversy.  I felt like I had to see it, because it was a big part of the conversation of the country at the time.   595 more words

My Five Worst Movies

Since I listed my five favorite movies of all time I guess I should do a 180 and list five movies I think are the worst of the worst. 935 more words



Its been a decade since Mel Gibson’s controversial but highly popular movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was released. It caused quite a ripple amongst Church goers and also ruffled a few feathers throughout the world but was also acclaimed by as many people for its qualities and its content. 263 more words

La La Land Records


Only one is of ultimate worth–God–because He gave with no thought for Himself.  He gave knowing full well how much He would suffer, and He gave anyway.   107 more words


The Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God

By Tom Quiner

In the Catholic Church, January 1st celebrates “The Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.”

Pope Paul VI described the celebration in his Apostolic Letter, Marialis Cultus: 269 more words


Exodus: Gods & Kings

In what is the last blockbuster of 2014, Exodus: Gods & Kings delivers an suitably enjoyable romp. However resident cynic Matt Lambourne proverbially pokes Ridley Scott’s latest sand and sandals epic full of holes. 1,256 more words