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Matching models to a real world?

Watts suggests it would help to find a planet that is following the IPCC modeling. 6 more words

Climate Change

Scientists warn of IPCC chicanery and even damaging misconduct

Take a look, and consider the net effect of the continued IPCC nonsense.  They are stealing our capital resources for their ideological wild goose chase. 11 more words

Climate Change

On climate, the Right is right - Global temperature update: the Pause is still 18 years 1 month

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

One of the most interesting statistics from the recent mid-terms was the New York Times’ exit poll (Fig. 1), showing that more than two-thirds of “Democrat” voters thought climate change was a serious problem. 2,184 more words

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Climate Models are crap! For example, they didn't forecast any chance of a zero global temperature rise during the last 18 years 1 month, which has occurred. Read the analysis below.

What do we know?

We know for a fact that CO2 slows the radiation of heat. We can measure in a tube the precise degree to which it slows the radiation of infrared, and in a tube that traps gasses physically, we know that slowing the radiation of infrared further traps heat. 417 more words


What of "The Pause"?

I have previously shown how global temperatures rose in three distinct and abrupt steps from the 70s to the 00s – one in 1979, one in 1988 and one in 1998 – and at all other times, not at all. 2,521 more words