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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

(First published 1947)

I read this novella in two post-dinner sittings over a single Gran Habano divided by two.

A parable of human greed – that’s how I have seen it described, and this phrase fits the story to a tee. 596 more words


The Best Laid Plans ...

When I wrote last week I told you about, and showed photos of our new apartment. Our lease started on 1 July, and we arranged to meet the agent at the apartment to collect the key. 395 more words


Settling in

I must be getting used to this place. I went outside a few days ago, it was a mere 40°C (104°F) and I actually thought “It’s not too bad today”! 935 more words


The Pearl, John Steinbeck

What would you do with a sudden wealth?

In 11th grade, I was charged by my English teacher to read the Grapes of Wrath, a book since banned from high school reading lists in the state of Mississippi. 916 more words


The Pearl Guava

Gardenisty.com – The Pearl guava comes Thailand was present, a newly developed cultivation way since the end of 2009, it turns out the community accept it well. 787 more words


Day 82 – Anticlimax

Song of the Day: Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

It should have been another Lou Reed number. It should have been Perfect Day, but it wasn’t, was it? 582 more words


The Pearl and contentment

I made a foolish mistake recently and tried to plough through a novella with a high school English class of mine late in the final term. 641 more words

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