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English 955

Due Today: Friday Paragraph 9

REMINDER: schedule a time for a writing conference, whether in the Lit Lab or with a trusted adult. You need to be sure to give yourself enough time to make any corrections or changes. 175 more words


English 955

All Revised Drafts have been returned unless you just turned it in today.

Mini Lesson on Writing Numbers in a formal paper Numbers

Proofread your paper for pronoun-antecedent agreement problems and make corrections. 31 more words


English 955

Grammar Mini Lesson on Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Some grammar help for Research Paper

Writing for The Pearl - What would you do if you won a million dollars? 110 more words

The Pearl

English 955

Change of Plans for Research Papers Change of plans 2014 - Please read carefully. The final paper is still due: Tuesday, 12/23/14

Friday Paragraph – Due: Friday, 12/19/14… 11 more words


Book Review: The Pearl (Elearah Chronicles, Book 1) by Sandra Martinez


For Elearah and her secret companion Pearl, time is running out. They must escape to the Goddess Sanctuary before they are overtaken by assassins even their mysterious protectors Mika and Balian cannot stop. 344 more words


English 955

Grammar Mini Lesson: Italics (underline) vs. Quotation Marks Grammar Italics vs quotation marks

Friday Paragraph – Due Friday, 12/12/14: Friday Paragraph 8

Read The Pearl… 77 more words

Friday Paragraph

Beauty from Ashes- A Lesson from Steinbeck

They actually pay me to do this job. ¬†Just don’t let that word get out; I’d hate to battle the stampede of eager adults fighting for the chance to spend most of their waking hours teaching middle school English. 698 more words

Light In A Weary World