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The weekend!

So, this morning, Friday morning, a group of us went out to one of the snazzy neighbourhoods (The Pearl) for breakfast.  So you’re wondering why we aren’t working today?   228 more words

Honors English

Daily Vocabulary: Insipid adj: lacking flavor or taste; unexciting – The conversation among her friends was so insipid that Monica fell asleep. What I thought would be a scary movie turned out to be an insipid story of harmless vampires. 189 more words

Daily Vocabulary

Honors English

Due Today: Gift Poem

Daily Vocabulary: Monday, 10/13 – Pretentious: adj. – claiming or pretending increased importance; ostentatious (showing off)Pretentious Patrick never goes anywhere without a copy of War and Peace under his arm, even though he’s never read a word of it. 82 more words

Daily Vocabulary

A habit

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell? 205 more words

Daily Prompt

Modern With A Twist: Photographing the Pearl Brewery (Part Two)

A More Abstract Pearl.

In 1886 the original brewery at the Pearl’s current location was opened. Over the years the brewery had it up and downs, and the company even changed it’s name to Alamo Industries in the 1920’s during prohibition."
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Honors English

Due Today: Friday Paragraph #5No new Friday Paragraph for next week due to the short week for MEA

Research Project GuidelinesHonors Mini Research Project… 211 more words

The Pearl

Modern With A Twist: Photographing the Pearl Brewery (Part One)

The Pearl is a hotspot for San Antonio locals.

"Pearl is a culinary and cultural destination in San Antonio, Texas. As a dynamic and evolving environment, Pearl is committed to stewardship and learning.
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