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Startling Fact about Birth Control!

I am NOT trying to step on toes here, but I want women to be informed of a few things. I have been researching birth control for some time now (since Gabriel was born 4 years ago). 990 more words

Why Aren’t We Suing Women on The Pill?

By: Sr. Clare Hunter

With the Hobby Lobby suit going on in the Supreme Court, there is a great deal of “The Pill” in the news. 573 more words

Sr. Clare Hunter

Could birth control kill you?

Could taking the pill kill you?  The short answer, yes.


Two of my former co-workers, both very young, both full of life, died suddenly and reportedly as the result of taking the pill. 634 more words


The Pill and Bad News: My Weekend

I’m popping pep talks like headache medication
trying to combat the rebel yell waging war above my left eye
and the dread that fills me right in that compression spot… 17 more words


6 Months Post-Surgery

I decided that it was about time I blogged, especially since it’s my 6 months post-op anniversary today. I’ve totally neglected it since my last post… 1,102 more words


Ewww - So stressed my hair fell out???

I’m finding myself in a cantankerous mood this evening, in fact, scrap that….

I’ve been in a cantankerous mood all day today and I’m not really sure why… I’m wondering if it’s because my body hasn’t had its usual starter pack hit of synthetic estrogen in the form of the wonderful yet hideous Yasmin, or whether it’s typically because my man did something extremely bloke-ish yesterday and it proceeded to piss me off royally… in fact, scrap that…. 1,086 more words