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'My 5 Minute Existence as a Fly'...

…or, ‘A Review of The Plan.’

“I’m a fly. Hah hah. Buzz buzz. Ouch, glass? *Aimless flying.* Where am I? What is my mission? Ooh, a leaf. 113 more words


Coffee break at The Plan, Cardiff

The Plan in Cardiff, South Wales has some of the most finest coffees, teas and cakes that are relatively cheap. Most of their ingredients are locally produced, too. 73 more words


The perfect Order

Look around you again…and again if you can…and again if you are passionate about nature. What did you see? Most likely you saw walls. Why did it happen that bricks had to be discovered earlier than cement? 400 more words


Bait, Fish, and Reel Report for July 2014

Someone once said that to be a successful and productive writer, one had to do the equivalent of “cutting bait, fishing, and reeling ‘em in, all at the same time”!

198 more words

Sofa Surfers - The Plan

Another tune from Austria while I search for my pick for that country on my musical tour of Europe. Sofa Surfers are a band that plays a mixture of rock and electronic music, they were founded by Viennese instrumentalists Wolfgang Schlögl, Markus Kienzl, Wolfgang Frisch, and Michael Holzgruber in the mid 1990’s. 45 more words


The Plan

My company’s newsletter announced that we are now eligible for a discount on the Weight Watchers program. It’s not a large discount, but it was enough to pique my interest and get me back in the saddle. 676 more words

Simply Filling

A New Beginning

I have a new plan.  I still want to write about what I read, but committing to once a week:  when I am busy with work, child care, working out, and all of the things that fill my life isn’t going to work. 140 more words

The Plan