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When in Rome-

-do as the Romans do! So they say, but for the next two weeks I’ll be the perfect tourist.

I’ve been to Rome before two times, and I loved it. 211 more words


Wanderer's Manifesto

I really don’t know what I would do, if I had to stay in one place my entire life without any travel. I don’t know how people do it. 351 more words


Shift Focus

I haven’t written in a couple of years now. It may appear as if I’d lost my passion, my dream. I haven’t forgotten… Not a day goes by that I don’t think “shoulda, coulda”. 261 more words

The Plan

The Plan

So people approach this business as a part time thing that they can do to get themselves a few extra bucks every month. But in… 428 more words

Training & Mentorship

The plan

The Plan:

The truth is we have no secrets or advice to offer. Even now we periodically look at each other and wonder how we managed to pull this thing off. 1,120 more words

The Plan

What I find helpful

Over the years I have been a bit of a self-help junkie and read a lot of books and websites on how to organise yourself. After a while you start to realise that a lot of it  the same points rehashed in a different way, which you may find more or less palatable. 233 more words

The Plan

Together,convince us !


Mr. Harper rejected any meetings…(with First Nations).  Harper’s good pipeline friends (and the NEB) needs help  FIXING  the BC pipelines MESS. !

Enbridge’s CEO told a crowd … the landmark  Supreme Court …. 151 more words

Kinder Morgan