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A Shift in Perspective

A strange thing has occurred over the last week or so. My perspective on life has shifted somewhat. And it’s all because bad things happened. And now that I have time to reflect on things, I realize that what I wanted all along, is exactly the thing that I’m left with – with the addition of a few more scars, of course. 929 more words


A Normally Strange Dream, Part 1

Preamble: My inspiration for writing this is a series of dreams I’ve had throughout my life. I remember being in my childhood bed and remembering this place from my dream. 607 more words


For You

Here you go, Sunshine, I know, it's not much.
But it will grow big and strong, with your love and touch.
As I give you all I can, let's put the rest in God's hands. 117 more words

A Peek into Last Week

This morning, I jumped out of bed with a blanket of bitterness about me. We’ve been under a lot of pressure over the past few months and it’s taking its toll on us. 575 more words

Updates And Thoughts