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"Witnessing Whiteness" - Trying to Understand the Problems in Ferguson

Proof that the whole world isn’t made of conservative bigots…

This group is one which in at least a small way – is taking the microphone away from the bigots and haters. 331 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Former NFL Player Now Farms for Charity

After my last post on idiots behaving badly on a NYC Subway, it’s easy to lose faith.

Then there is this inspiring story.

Why a star football player traded NFL career for a tractor… 403 more words
The Post-Racial Life

The KKK, Including Cops in St Louis get Exposed!


Anonymous Operation #HoodsOff IDs St. Louis Klan Members — Including Cops

Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts are being deleted right and left today, as Anonymous Operation…

85 more words
The Post-Racial Life

Dear White People

“Dear White People” is touted as movie satire of the post-Obama era. To be honest, I haven’t seen it yet. Should be interesting….

And – “Racism Insurance” 1,092 more words

The Post-Racial Life

A Failure to Code Switch...Talking White

It may come as a surprise (at least to some folks) – but most black folks in America are bi-lingual.

Indeed, most speak both American Common English and African American Vernacular English. 1,066 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Justice For Mike Brown

Demonstrators interrupt Saint Louis Symphony… With a real requiem.

The Post-Racial Life