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The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 ‘Royal’ Families ~ Dec. 19, 2014

Ok. Whew! Cobra and other spiritual writers have indicated that the truth would finally come out…and boy, has it! Some of the allegations written in this article have been floating around “out there” for a while, but in this article, most, if not all the pieces are tied together in a neat package very nicely which really explains the “whys” for the events we have witnessed in our world. 3,310 more words

Bodily functions in American Culture

I’ve decided on a career change! I still want to be a veterinarian, but the bites, scratches, and frequent heartbreak in the veterinary field isn’t quite as fun as it sounds. 465 more words

If I Have To Be The "little Spoon" One More Time, I'm Going To Lose My Shit

Mellow Monday Mood

One thing is for sure, you won’t leave this planet without knowing what great love is, and it’s cozy partner, pain!!!  We all go through the same things, let’s sing our hearts out! 174 more words


Het beste van kerst: de liedjes

Wat is dat toch met kerst. Vooraf kan ik niet wachten om het hele huis op zijn kop te gooien om die zo gewenste kerstsfeer in huis te halen. 151 more words


I love with every inch of my body

I didn’t ask to be born into a family where things aren’t picture perfect, but I was. I didn’t mean to do the things in the past, but I did. 185 more words


Video: Dating is Simple, Love is Complicated!

Take a look at this week’s video, entitled, “Dating is Simple, Love is Complicated!”

Relationship Advice