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How God's Love Changes Your Life

Love Overcomes Anything That Evil Has To Offer

The Bible teaches that God is love. Your ability to comprehend the effects that God’s love has in your being and life will alter your perception of life, and living, in ways that will surprise and enlighten you to new ways of viewing life, treating others, and experiencing real purpose. 32 more words

Channel 21 Ministries

His Love

Would if everything we have been taught about God is wrong? Would if those lessons are the reasons for the resentment we may hold about him?

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Back to the Future - 1985 (#23)

The last Robert Zemeckis film I watched was 2012’s “Flight”; a film I’d prefer to leave back in 2012 and not re-visit any time soon. For a film with such potential, there is so much I would change about it. 488 more words

Empire 500

The Courtesans - The Power of Love - Single Release

The Courtesans have released a new single, The Power of Love.

This is an epic cover version from the original by 80’s pop supergroup Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and we’re sure the band would love this heavy guitar ladened anthem of a version. 29 more words


I have always been able to relate a lot to Peter (as in, the disciple who betrayed Jesus). Reading about him makes me feel better about myself, because his mistakes were so blatant–when he did anything, he did it big and brash, including making a fool of himself. 610 more words


The Devil Seeks

In the distant whispers
Heard through cracks
Of borrowed time
I close my ears
To the bitterness it hisses
I turn my back to evil… 85 more words