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By David F. Woods

At the risk of “piling on” I can express only shock and dismay at the President’s politically incomprehensible decision to bring about some limited immigration reform through executive action. 445 more words

Massachusetts Politics

Obama's Immigration Executive Order: In Your Face Republicans

The Republicans are threatening all sorts of things in response to President Obama’s executive order on immigration outlined in a speech last night, including impeachment.   And of course, it is true that he has “poisoned the well” for future negotiations on all sorts of things, but how much worse could the well get after Republicans have used it as a toxic waste dump for the past six years. 504 more words


November 15, 2014: Whom Do You Trust?

Today was a  philosophical show. According to Gallup, there are only three institutions that more than 50% of Americans trust “a great deal” or “quite a lot”:  the military, small business and the police. 182 more words


A Tale of Personal Responsibility

What do the terms personal responsibilities or individual responsibilities mean? Throughout my lifetime I thought that these terms meant being accountable which entails receiving credit on occasion but most often taking the blame for something that happened or failed to happen when I had the authority to make the decisions. 1,467 more words

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Here's to a Republican Senate Victory Tomorrow.

I have so many thoughts and questions on world events jammed together in my little mind that  I feel mentally constipated.   I need to relieve myself of some of them or my head will burst, but where to begin the flow? 536 more words


Follow the leader efficiency, attention insufficiency, education deficiency

Took a few minutes to check my Facebook feed to see some pictures posted by friends back home, and I came across yet another example of our desires to believe what we want to believe regardless. 691 more words

The Presidency

The Maze of Mirrors, the 2014 Elections

Please think back to a time or just imagine being lost. To take any generational aspects out, let’s say that you have the capabilities of asking for assistance whether face-to-face as numerous people and establishments are about or via cell phone or any type of technology. 2,034 more words

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