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Russian Economy Collapsing? Merry Christmas Vladimir

In case you haven’t noticed, over the last couple of days Russia’s economy is shaking.   That perked up my day when I learned of it Monday, but I have more sober thoughts since then. 767 more words

The Presidency

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Voice of Joyce: PEOPLE POWER/ the Rise of the Middle Class

Dear followers:   This is the proposed text for my upcoming video.  I ask for your verbal support now! This will be the first of several videos . 460 more words

Financial Reform

In Defense of Hillary Clinton as an ideal candidate for President

Progressives have recently made major pushes to find alternative candidates to back for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016 due to dissatisfaction with the presumptive front-runner Hillary Clinton. 735 more words

Foreign Affairs

The Disease of Presidents

It would seem that there is something infectious in the Oval Office, some pathogen, perhaps in the woodwork. This apparently causes an insidious condition that has afflicted almost all presidents. 1,027 more words

Better Government

The Folly of the Executive Action Diktat Argument

In elementary school most of us learned about the branches of the Federal government and the separation of powers. Some of us would later learn in junior high and high school of a number of nuances that results in that separation of powers moving from 3 distinct circles to 3 circles with some overlapping taking place. 2,873 more words


Obama the dictator ruling by fiat

Many American citizens describe Barack Obama not as President of the United States but as an individual who arbitrarily makes the rules in spite of our system of government. 596 more words

General Commentaries Regarding The State Of Education And Government

How Memory Links the Presidency, Ferguson and the Cosby Mess

Here’s a difficult one, history buffs: Who was Harry Truman? I know, I know, I told you it would be tough, but think hard: Some famous general? 1,007 more words