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Why your Favorite Media today only tells you Half about Congress

More partisan bickering, finger pointing, and let us blame Obama justifications as “answers” to any and all problems within the United States of America.

That’s modern day politics, and regardless of your own personal political ideology do you see any SOLUTIONS coming out of anyone’s “answers?” 1,687 more words


Quantifying Bill’s Value to Hillary’s Campaign (Part 2)

In a recent post, I explored whether it’s possible to quantify Bill’s value to Hillary Clinton’s campaign (see here).  In other words: Do voters reward (and punish) Hillary Clinton based on their opinions of her husband?  679 more words


IRAQ: Some Good News Amidst the Bad and the Terrible

The terrible news is that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is still threatening the annihilation of “tens of thousands”  (originally 50,000) of a small sect called Yasidi’s trapped on a mountain in northern Iraq. 687 more words

The Presidency

Mullets on the Hill and in the White House

Whether they actually have any direct responsibility or not, the President of the United States of America is typically blamed or credited for events both foreign and domestic. 439 more words


Quantifying Bill’s Value to Hillary’s Campaign (Part I)

In presidential elections, relationships matter. 

For example, political scientists know that the relationship between economic conditions, the number of causalities in war, and the incumbent’s party affiliation explain the bulk of presidential election outcomes. 1,021 more words

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