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Dear Senators and Representatives (those who have a conscience)

Dear Senators and Representatives.

Here we are about a month out of the mid term elections.  Probably a good time to review your performance.  Let’s look at accomplishments.  525 more words

Eric Holder's Resignation

Many people are reading things into the announcement of the resignation of Eric Holder as Attorney General.


Myself, I don’t believe that his resignation is directed related to all or any of the political scandals. 548 more words


WAR WITH ISIS: So far, Bashar Al-Assad Looks Like the Winner

I was beginning to think of President Obama’s vision of a large coalition of countries to fight ISIS as the Coalition of the Loitering, but more and more nations have stepped up and made public commitments of one form or another.   887 more words

The Presidency

Is President Obama's "Latte Salute" A Dark Brown Stain On The Memory Of Honor Itself?

You’ve probably heard about it by now, our asshole President saluted a Marine yesterday while holding a coffee cup in the same hand. Never, never… 931 more words

At War with ISIS a Week Later: What the Hell's Going On?

Has the import of President Obama’s speech a week ago set in yet?   That we are now undertaking a lengthy campaign to “degrade and destroy” what the administration calls ISIL (and the press calls ISIS)?” 934 more words


Thoughts on the Presidential Address last night

This morning while listening to critics of President Obama from last night I couldn’t help but ask why didn’t Congress get behind Obama exactly 1 year earlier when he sought Congressional authorization for air strikes in Syria. 389 more words


Koch, Soros, the Fear of Money

I’ve written and spoken many times about 501(c)(4) groups. This Huffington Post article, “Koch Brothers’ Real Fear Revealed In Secret Audio: Liberal Money,”and comments hasn’t changed my opinion.  595 more words