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Thoughts on the Presidential Address last night

This morning while listening to critics of President Obama from last night I couldn’t help but ask why didn’t Congress get behind Obama exactly 1 year earlier when he sought Congressional authorization for air strikes in Syria. 389 more words


Koch, Soros, the Fear of Money

I’ve written and spoken many times about 501(c)(4) groups. This Huffington Post article, “Koch Brothers’ Real Fear Revealed In Secret Audio: Liberal Money,”and comments hasn’t changed my opinion.  595 more words



That phrase, “The Worst Insult to the United States in its History,” will mean different things to different people. It’s not my phrase or opinion, but a headline in a New York newspaper from 9 February. 351 more words

General Commentaries Regarding The State Of Education And Government

On Presidential Vacations and Taxation

My friend at sachemspeaks posted a concise, correct, and thought provoking title the other morning: “This president is not a god folks.”

The impetus for his title came from an article by Joan Walsh in Salon and in particular the comments made about this article, … 1,068 more words


Why your Favorite Media today only tells you Half about Congress

More partisan bickering, finger pointing, and let us blame Obama justifications as “answers” to any and all problems within the United States of America.

That’s modern day politics, and regardless of your own personal political ideology do you see any SOLUTIONS coming out of anyone’s “answers?” 1,687 more words


Quantifying Bill’s Value to Hillary’s Campaign (Part 2)

In a recent post, I explored whether it’s possible to quantify Bill’s value to Hillary Clinton’s campaign (see here).  In other words: Do voters reward (and punish) Hillary Clinton based on their opinions of her husband?  679 more words